Dinkum: All Animals List from Animal Research Centre

List of animals that you can send to Animal Research Centre and the list of their awards.   Welcome to you ! Don’t panic, the animals are fine, we help science. You can also get help with the vehicles, you will carry several traps at once. With the help of Animal … Read More

Dinkum: All Vehicles and Transports List (V.0.4.6)

A short guide in pictures, to acquire the different transport vehicles to help you in your tasks, from my experience.   Wheelbarrow You can use a shovel to fill it with dirt, mud, sand. Sometimes available for purchase 30.000 Dink at John’s Goods. Rowboat This boat is incredible, it will allow to travel from island to … Read More

Dinkum: Cheats Guide (Console Commands & How to Use)

This guide will show you how to use cheats/console commands and what they actually do.   Introduction Through this guide, you can view the console commands in the game and learn how they are used. To use console commands, you must first open the chat window (ENTER on keyboard) and type devCommandsOn. Then … Read More

Dinkum: Gacha Rewards Guide

This guide contains information about how you aquire the Gacha Machine and what kind of loot you can get from it.   How To Get A Gacha Machine Whenever Franklyn visits your island, you can sell him your Shiny Discs that you find using your metal detector or simply by … Read More

Dinkum: All Villagers & Shops List

an easy guide to all villagers that can stay on your island by a random femboy.   Introduction & times: This is a random guide made by a random femboy for people who wanna know about all the villagers & shops in the game without having to read a guide … Read More

Dinkum: How to Find the Bushman

Looking to craft any hunting related gear?   How to find the Ted Selly In order to first find the Bushman aka Ted Selly you have to travel around the island. You have to go explore a bit usually outside the village. He pops up randomly on the different biomes, I first … Read More

Dinkum: How to Trap Animals

This is just a quick and easy guide to show you how to trap and send off animals in Dinkum.   Starting the Trapper life First of all you need to obtain the “Trappers Licence” from Fletch. (You get this by progressing through the game and unlocking the licence) Traps … Read More

Dinkum: How to Plant with Shovel

Here is a guide on how to plant with a shovel in Dinkum.   How to Plant with Shovel first, find that perfect spot for you to plant something (an item that says it can be buried) then with your shovel equipped in the hot bar, dig your first hole … Read More

Dinkum: How to Fish

Here is a guide on how to fish in Dinkum. How to Fish first, you will find a nice spot to catch some fish, be sure you see some swimming around. then you will cast your fishing line out (remember the longer you hold down the button to cast line, … Read More

Dinkum: John’s Purchasing Price List A-Z

Here is a list of items that John will purchase from you, for the amount listed below. (WILL CONTINUE TO UPDATE) This shop is a great place for anyone, especially just starting out, to gather all you can and sell to john to make as much money as you can, … Read More