Dinkum: How to Fish

Here is a guide on how to fish in Dinkum.

How to Fish

first, you will find a nice spot to catch some fish, be sure you see some swimming around. then you will cast your fishing line out (remember the longer you hold down the button to cast line, the further it will go)

then you will sit and wait, usually not long if you cast the floater close to a fish, but you will wait for the fish to start biting the line (you will see the floater flicker a bit with each bite) once the fish has pulled the floated underwater (it will make a little splash), you will click the button 1x to hook the fish.

the fish will swim off fast, trying to get away, be patient, wait until it stops, but be quick about it, and once fish has stopped, click the button to reel them in as fast as you can, but stop when they begin to swim away again, and repeat this process till you get them reeled in all the way.

once you are successful, and get the hang of it, takes some practice for sure, you will begin catching all sorts of fish in no time, happy fishing and enjoy 🙂

By NeLsInFiNiTy

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