Dinkum: How to Plant with Shovel

Here is a guide on how to plant with a shovel in Dinkum.


How to Plant with Shovel

first, find that perfect spot for you to plant something (an item that says it can be buried)

then with your shovel equipped in the hot bar, dig your first hole in the ground.

once the hole has been dug, open your inventory where you should have the item(s) you plan to bury/plant.

now in your inventory go ahead and drag and drop only 1 of the items of your choosing to bury in the hole you dug.

now you can exit the inventory, and should see this item in the new hole you dug, ready to bury it back up with the dirt in your shovel.

go ahead now and click to bury the hole back up, filling it in with the dirt you have in your shovel. now the hole will be filled in and revealing new life, of the new tree, bush, plant….. you have buried. just repeat the process for every other item your planting.

now your set to plant all you like, and wherever you like for the most part, so happy planting, enjoy 🙂

By NeLsInFiNiTy

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