Dinkum: Cheats Guide (Console Commands & How to Use)

This guide will show you how to use cheats/console commands and what they actually do.



Through this guide, you can view the console commands in the game and learn how they are used.

To use console commands, you must first open the chat window (ENTER on keyboard) and type devCommandsOn. Then you can activate cheats by typing cheatsOn. To turn off commands, you must open the chat window and type devCommandsOff.

You can learn the commands you can use by continuing the guide. Unfortunately not all commands are available to use yet, they will be added as they are discovered.

Warning! Do not use brackets, they are only there to specify the part of the command.

Console commands you can use

– changeRain
– changeSpeed <New Speed>
– cheatsOn
– chunkDistance
– clearFreeCam
– compassLock
– completeNPC <NPC ID>
– completeQuests
– crocDay
– cropsGrowAllSeasons
– debug
– devCommandsOff
– devCommandsOn
– dropAllFurniture
– freeCam
– fullPedia
– giveGift
– giveMilestone
– giveMoney <Amount>
– givePoints <Amount>
– hairColour <Hair Color ID>
– hairStyle <Hair ID>
– hideGuide
– hideHud
– loadFreeCam
– makeWindy
– maxRelation <NPC ID>
– moveInNPC <NPC ID>
– nextDay
– nextDayChange
– noClip
– noClipNoFollow
– npcPhoto
– placeItem <Item ID>
– placeItemFix <Item ID>
– randomClothing
– randomiseCharacter
– refreshInside
– renameIsland <Name>
– resetHouse
– resetHouseExteriors
– save
– saveFreeCam
– scanMap
– setAnimalRel
– setDate <Day> <Week> <Month> <Year>
– setStatus
– setTime <Hour>
– setTimeDay
– setTimeNight
– setTimeReal
– setTired
– skinTone <Skin ID>
– skipSong
– spawnAnimal <Animal ID>
– spawnBoat
– spawnCarry
– spawnFarmAnimal <Animal ID>
– spawnNpc <NPC ID>
– stopRandom
– strikeLightning <X> <Z>
– teleport <X> <Z>
– unlockRecipes


Normal gameplay NPCs:
0 – Rayne (Farming)
1 – John (Store)
2 – Franklyn (Crafting)
3 – Melvin (Furniture)
4 – Clover (Clothes)
5 – Ted Selly (Hunting & Weapons)
6 – Fletch (Community Center)
7 – Irwin (Farm Animals)
8 – Sally (Hair Dresser)
9 – Theodore (Museum)
10 – Milburn (Bank)
11 – Jimmy (Mysterious Boat NPC)Not officially released NPCs:
12 – Ramsey Ramsey
13 – Jackie
14 – Timber
15 – Ghost

Animal IDs

Wild animals:
1 to 10 – Jackaroo
10 to 20 – Random Fish
21 to 29 – Random Bug
30 to 39 – Croc
40 to 49 – Magpie
50 to 59 – Shark
60 – Doggo
61 – White Doggo
62 – Black Doggo
70 to 79 – Scrub Turkey
80 to 89 – Cockatoo
180 to 189 – Jelly Fish
200 to 209 – Glowing Croc
220 to 229 – Kidna
230 to 239 – Random Critter
240 to 249 – Alpha Jackaroo
250 to 259 – Alpha Croc
260 to 269 – Alpha Bush Devil
270 to 279 – BatFarm animals:
90 to 99 – Chook (Grown)
100 to 109 – Chook (Baby)
110 to 119 – Vombat (Grown)
120 to 129 – Vombat (Baby)
130 to 139 – Mu
140 to 149 – Bush Devil
150 to 159 – Toad
160 to 169 – Wary Mu
170 to 179 – PleepTo spawn some rare animals:
63 – Poodle
193 – Pet Poodle
64 – Collie
194 – Pet Collie
65 – Jack Russell
195 – Pet Jack Russell
66 – German Shepherd
196 to 199 – Pet German Shepherd
210 to 219 – Wild Vombat (with Horns)P.S. Fish can only be spawned on water.

Spawning items from a list

You can press = on your keyboard to access a panel that enables you to spawn the item(s) of your choice.

Warning! If you’re not using an English keyboard layout, you need to change your keyboard settings to English, then open up a notepad, try some keys until you find what corresponds to =. You can then change it back whenever you want.

Changing the game’s speed

Command: changeSpeed <New Speed>

Changing chunk distance level

Command: chunkDistance

You can adjust the distance of chunks you can see with the chunkDistance command. You can view the difference between 1 and 15 on the example below.

chunkDistance 1

chunkDistance 15

Locking your cursor on compass

Command: compassLock

Normally your compass moves when you move, when you use this command it locks the compass.

Immediately completing NPC quests

Command: completeNPC <NPC ID>

Completes the quest given by the NPC whose ID is specified. Check above for all NPC IDs.

Immediately completing all active quests

Command: completeQuests

Making seasonal crops grow in all seasons

Command: cropsGrowAllSeasons

It allows seasonal crops to grow in all seasons.

Activating debug mode

Command: debug

Spawning one of every furniture in the game

Command: dropAllFurniture

Activating free camera mode

Command: freeCam

It activates the free camera mode, the Z key does the same.

Unlocking all undiscovered pedia content

Command: fullPedia

Giving yourself 1.000 dinks

Command: giveGift

Completing & unlocking milestones

Command: giveMilestone

Each time you use it, it completes one level of milestone or unlocks a new one.

Increasing your dinks

Command: giveMoney <Amount>

Gives you the specified amount of dink(s).

I have 200,000 dinks here.

I gave myself 100,000 dinks.

Increasing your permit points

Command: givePoints <Amount>

Gives you the specified amount of Permit Points.

I have 510,000 Permit Points here.

I gave myself 190,000 Permit Points.

Changing hair colour

Command: hairColour <Hair Color ID>

It allows you to change your hair color. Experiment with IDs.

Here I changed my hair to hair color ID 1.

Here I changed my hair to hair color ID 5.

Changing hair style

Command: hairStyle <Hair ID>

It allows you to change your hairstyle. Experiment with IDs.

Here I changed my hair to hairstyle ID 1.

Here I changed my hair to hairstyle ID 5.

Hiding the guide

Command: hideGuide

It is used to hide the guide.

Hiding the HUD for screenshots

Command: hideHud

It is used to hide the HUD, perfect for screenshots.

Maximizing your relationship with NPCs

Command: maxRelation <NPC ID>

Maximizes your relationship with the specified NPC, please check above for NPC IDs.

Making NPCs move in to your town

Command: moveInNPC <NPC ID>

When you use this command, it will be like you placed the deed of that NPCs house or workspace. You’ll have to provide the materials and wait for the lot to be built. You’ll need a couple of days for that.

Please check above for NPC IDs.

Automatically skipping to the next day

Command: nextDay

Allows you to proceed to the next day, also saves the game.

Commiting changes of the day without skipping a day

Command: nextDayChange

It commits the changes of the next day without skipping the day.

First day of Post Office construction

Second day of Post Office construction

Third day of Post Office construction

P.S. Post Office is not yet officially released in the game, I just put it up there as an example.

Turning on noclip

Command: noClip

Lets you use noclip but in my experience, you can’t actually move. It only works as a way of making yourself invisible.

Turning on noclip (With no follow mode)

Command: noClipNoFollow

Lets you use noclip, you can see your character move but you are like an observer. Perfect for screenshots.

Placing items

Command: placeItem <Item ID>

Spawns the specified item. Experiment with IDs. You can also use the spawn list, check above for it. The only difference is when you spawn it from the list, it will be in your inventory. When you spawn it using this command, it’ll be already placed.

Command: placeItemFix <Item ID>

I couldn’t see any difference between them and the previous command placeItem.
P.S. Please let me know if you know the difference in the comments.

Random clothing

Command: randomClothing

It makes your character change clothes randomly.
P.S. You need to use stopRandom command to stop it.

When I use the command

After a few seconds

Randomising your character

Command: randomiseCharacter

Changes your character randomly, once.

When I use the command

I use the command again

Renaming your island

Command: renameIsland <Name>

Allows you to rename your island.

Reseting the insides of your house

Command: resetHouse

Saving anywhere, anytime

Command: save

It saves your game, you don’t have to sleep. When you come back to the game, there will be a save point. Perfect for saving the game in the middle of the game day.

Changing your relationship with your animals

Command: setAnimalRel

Changes your relationships with your animals.

Full hearts for all animals: setAnimalRel 100

Setting the calendar to a spesific date

Command: setDate <Day> <Week> <Month> <Year>

Setting the game time to a spesific hour

Command: setTime <Hour>

Allows you to update the time.


To set the time for 3:00 PM, enter: setTime 15

Setting time to day

Command: setTimeDay

Updates the time to 10:00 AM.

Setting time to night

Command: setTimeNight

Updates the time to 07:00 PM.

Forcing yourself to become tired

Command: setTired

Your energy will decrease to the point you’re tired.

Changing your skin tone

Command: skinTone <Skin ID>

It allows you to change your skin tone. Experiment with IDs.

Here I changed my skin to skin tone ID 1.

Here I changed my skin to skin tone ID 5.

Skipping the current soundtrack

Command: skipSong

It skips the song playing in the background.

Spawning animals

Command: spawnAnimal <Animal ID>

Spawns the specified animal. Please check above for animal IDs.

I spawned the animal which has ID 66.

I spawned the animal which has ID 210.

Spawning the Mysterious Salesman

Command: spawnBoat

Creates a mysterious bot from which you can get amazing items. You have to wait for a stormy day to see this boat under normal conditions.

Before using the command

After using the command

Spawning farm animals

Command: spawnFarmAnimal <Animal ID>

Allows you to spawn farm animals. Please check above for farm animal IDs.

Spawning NPCs

Command: spawnNpc <NPC ID>

Allows you to spawn NPCs. Please check above for NPC IDs.

Spawning items you carry over your head

Command: spawnCarry <ID>

It spawns things you generally carry over your head such as a fossil. In that case, the command is spawnCarry 05 and a fossil will be at your avatar’s feet. Experiment with IDs.

Thanks dixiechick for this information!

Disabling random cloth change

Command: stopRandom

Forcing a lightning strike

Command: strikeLightning <X> <Z>

Lightning strikes at the point you specify.


Command: teleport <X> <Z>

Allows you to teleport to the specified point.

Unlocking all the recipes

Command: unlockRecipes

Allows you to get all the crafting recipes. Including the deeds (which are not initially craftable).

Refreshing map

Command: scanMap

If you’re doing something like adding grass, making paths, bridges, etc. or moving stuff around town and it’s not refreshing on your map, use that and it’ll update it.

Thanks NEMESXS for this information!

Also if you use it in the mine it will reveal the whole map, but it doesn’t show where the stone pillars are.

Thanks randal_thor69 for this information!

Commands that don’t work

I tried these commands but they didn’t work for me or i wasn’t able to understand what they did. If they are working, please let me know down in the comments.

– changeRain
– clearFreeCam
– crocDay
– loadFreeCam
– makeWindy
– npcPhoto
– refreshInside
– resetHouseExteriors
– saveFreeCam
– scanMap
– setStatus
– setTimeReal
– spawnCarry

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