Dinkum: All Villagers & Shops List

an easy guide to all villagers that can stay on your island by a random femboy.


Introduction & times:

This is a random guide made by a random femboy for people who wanna know about all the villagers & shops in the game without having to read a guide made by people who have 2 much time on their hands.

  • City hall: Always open until 6pm.
  • General store:8am-6pm closed on Sunday.
  • clothing shop: 9am – 5pm closed on Tuesday.
  • furniture shop: 10am-5pm closed on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • The lab: 9am-4pm closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • crops/greenhouse shop: 11am-4pm closed on Friday.
  • Animal shop: 10am-6pm closed on Monday.
  • museum: Always open until 6 or 7pm.
  • Bank: Open until 6pm.

Fletch (old lady) and the city hall


  • Old lady who runs the city hall.
  • Your first villager.
  • Sells you licenses.
  • Sells you deeds (if unlocked).
  • Move buildings and upgrade/change your home.

City hall:

  • Pay your debts like a true capitalist.
  • A crafting table so you can make stuff.
  • Open everyday until 6pm.

John – General store


  • Most likely Walter H. White in hiding.
  • One of the first villagers you’ll unlock after Fletch.
  • Can give you quests.

General store:

  • Will sell you most beginner tools: shovel,pickaxe,axe, etc…
  • Will sell you mining passes for when the mines are unlocked.
  • Open from 8am-6pm and closed on Sunday.
  • Has a scale to put heavy items on and to sell them.

Clover – Clothing store


  • A goth girl that people can simp for.
  • Most likely shops at hot topic.
  • Can give you quests.
  • Sells clothing.

clothing store:

  • Sells you clothing which you can put on or trade with with other villagers with.
  • You can buy a chicken hat :D.
  • Open from 9am – 5pm closed on Tuesday.

Melvin – furniture store


  • Asked me once for a picture of Clover.
  • Old.
  • Will sell you furniture.

Furniture store

  • Sells you decoration which you can use for both your home and town.
  • A chance to buy a bed so you don’t have to sleep in your stinky sleeping bag anymore.
  • Open from 10am – 5pm closed on both Tuesday and Thursday.

Franklyn – Lab


  • Will buy your rare discs for a high price (giving him these discs will also unlock new things he can make).
  • Will allow you to commission special items like vehicles and machines.
  • Looks like a chipmunk.

Engineer store/Lab:

  • Lets you buy a blueprint for a bench.
  • Lets you buy repair kits.
  • Open from 9am-4pm closed on Sunday and Saturday.

Irwin – Barn(Animal store)


  • Literal Steve Irwin reference.
  • Croikey.
  • Likes animals.

Barn/Animal store:

  • Will sell you Animal food.
  • Will sell you animals.
  • Open from 10am – 6pm closed on Monday.

Reyna – greenhouse/crop store


  • Probably vegan.
  • gives you quests.
  • Looks cool.

Greenhouse/crop top:

  • Sells you seeds for crops depending on the season.
  • Sells you tools like watering cans and hoes.
  • Open from 11am – 4pm closed on Friday.

Theodore – Museum


  • You can donate fish,bugs and critters to him.
  • looks like a nerd.
  • The type of guy that wouldn’t kill a spider


  • Donating will give you 100 miles.
  • You can look at the fish and bugs that you donated.
  • Open everyday until 7pm.

Milburn – Bank


  • Old.
  • Loves capitalism.
  • Malding.


  • You can deposit and widthraw your money.
  • You get intrest on your money which is great.
  • Open until 6pm closing days are unsure.

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  1. You’re missing Sally’s! The hairdressers shop, it’s posted on the wiki that she will have a shop, not 100% sure if its in the early release or not though!


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