Dying Light 2: Secret Techland Room and Secret Gun Bluprint

in this guide i will explain how to get to secret techland room and get the “left finger of GLoVa” bluprint
How to Go to Secret Techland Room and Secret Gun Bluprint
first you will have to get to the central loop and get your glider to max lvl, than go to this exact building and secure a bantit camp next to it (it is necassary to get to the top).

Now that you secured the bandit camp get to the highest posible point on it and start paragliding. Use a combination of boosts pointing up and than gliding to get higher and higher. Slowly get to the top of the building (aditionally collect the drop) and than comes the hard part.

you need to go to a building level that is bellow you. (search for broken windows, that’s what i call a level) than grab a cable from a terminal and go to the next level that is below you there plug the cable to it’s terminal. repeat this proces until you reach a terminal with doors next to it. than plug the last cable and disable security systems. after that watch out for a boomer and you’r good to enter.

inside you can finde a letter from techland and other easter eggs (like what’s inside the fridge)

when you go depper into these rooms you’l find a bed whit a techland poster infront of it

sit in that bed until the bluprint appears on the poster.

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