ELDEN RING: How to Get an infinite Finger for Invasions

In this guide, you will learn how to endlessly invade other players.


How to Get an infinite Finger for Invasions

1) Kill the boss Godric (in the temple of the thunder veil)
2) We go to the Fortress of the Round Table and talk to the NPC named Two Fingers
3) Speak to Varre at the Temple of the Rose in Liurnia

4) Yields 5 consumable Rotten Bloodied Fingers
5) Use them at least 3 times (winning is not necessary)
6) We speak with him again, select the first option in the dialogue, he gives out a handkerchief and asks for the blood of a maid
7) We go to a place called Four Bell Towers

8) Climbing the highest bell tower

9) The chest contains an Infused Sword Key
10) We go to the second bell tower, insert the key, activate the portal

11) We are teleported to the location where the game starts. We pass along the bridge and kill the boss with whom we fought at the beginning of the game
12) Next, we find a dead maid in the place where we started the game. Come and dip the scarf

13) We go back to Varre in the Temple of the Rose, and join the ranks and get an endless finger

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