Euro Truck Simulator 2: Best Trucks For MP Terrorism

Trucks rated from fastest to lowest. Perfect guide for manchildren who want to play Most Wanted with trucks.

All trucks are tested with best powertrains game has to offer

I am speed

1-Volvo FH16

0-100 kph : 15.1s
Top speed : 162 kph


OG Volvo is still the king of top speed, but it is just boring man.

2-Scania R-S

0-100 kph : 13.6s
Top speed : 145 kph


Pulls drifts better than a BMW. Thing is faster than most beater sedans.

3-MAN TGX Euro 5 (OG)

0-100 kph : 15.5s
Top speed : 154 kph


Og Man is pretty fast but understeer hits hard.

4-Volvo FH

0-100 kph : 15.1s
Top speed : 150 kph


It is nowhere as fast and cool as it used to be but still pretty fast.

5-Scania 2009

0-100 kph : 15.6s
Top speed : 146 kph


OG Scania used to be the goat but now it gets clapped by the new one.

6-Iveco Stralis

0-100 kph : 17s
Top speed : 146 kph


Slightly above average.

7-Iveco Hi-Way

0-100 kph : 17.5s
Top speed : 146 kph


Mofo is kinda underrated.

8-DAF XF105 (OG/The good one)

0-100 kph : 17.6s
Top speed : 145 kph


Peak Dutch engineering.

9-Renault Magnum

0-100 kph : 17.7s
Top speed : 146 kph


Those squares making me act up.

10-Renault T

0-100 kph : 19.5s
Top speed : 144 kph


Pretty fun truck and it isn’t that bad at going fast.

11-DAF XF (The ugly one)

0-100 kph : 19s
Top speed : 147 kph


Why would you pick this?


0-100 kph : 16.9s
Top speed : 136 kph


Pros: Extra screens to reduce your attention span. Cons: Not that fast.

13-MAN TGX Euro 6

0-100 kph : 18,6s
Top speed : 138kph


Mid, also you literally cant slow down when you need to thanks to its non existent brakes.

14-DAF XF (2021)

0-100 kph : 18.8s
Top speed : 136 kph without elevation


Looks cool but is too slow for this purpose, disappointing af.


0-100 kph : 22.9s
Top speed : 140 kph


It has a 12 gear transmission which somehow is better than 16 gear one in XF. Even though its engine is too weak to go beyond 140 kph on flat ground it is still one of the sickest trucks in the game.

16-Mercedes New Actros

0-100 kph : 16.2s
Top speed : 118 kph


Slow ahh truck. Only good if you want to rp as a 19 year old with a rich father.

17-Mercedes OG Actros

0-100 kph : 16.6s
Top speed : 114 kph


It is also pretty slow. Mercedes trucks are overall pretty good if you obey the rules but they wont get you 5K Euro speeding fines.

18-Renault Premium

0-100 kph : 23s
Top speed : 141 kph


I’d rather tow a boat uphill with an unicycle while shoulder pressing 100 kg rather than driving this slow bugger for 10 minutes. Unlike the DAF XD it has no torque which makes it trash.

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