FAITH: All Endings and Variations Complete Guide (Chapter 3)

Complete tutorial showing how to complete all endings + Variations with detailed steps.


Gameplay Video

You can check my complete Chapter 3 video if you need any help.

Hospital Boss (3 Days Till Sabbath)

  • Enter the hospital through the passage/window on the left side.
  • Get the crowbar and try to open any boarded door.
  • Kill the hospital boss.

Secret Hospital Boss (Mother)

  • After killing the Hospital Boss, go back to the hospital (now the Front Door is available).
  • Get back to your blue hospital bed.
  • In the corridor, go to the far left side and enter the hospital room (in the exaclty spot shown on the image below). If done correctly, you will trigger a cutscene and unlock the Secret Boss area.
  • Kill the boss.

Hotel Boss (2 Days till Sabbath)

  • Get the yellow key at 3B.
  • Unlock 5A and get the blue key.
  • Go to 10A and give up the cross.
  • Get the cross back.
  • Exorcise the Pink Mask at the laundry.
  • Exorcise the Blue Dagger at 2A.
  • Fight and kill the Hotel Boss at 5A.
  • P.S.: Lisa can die permanently in your walkthrough if you kill her.

Secret Hotel Boss (Daughter – Tiffany)

Requirement: You MUST kill the Hotel Boss (save Lisa).

  • Optional: Trigger the Elevator Friend.
  • Optional: Collect the 6th floor note (First Elevator Game Note).
  • Optional: Kill the Elevator Friend and collect his note (Second Elevator Game Note).

Based on the two Elevator Game Notes, we must input the combination I, IV, II, VI, II, X, V, I.

  • Start the Elevator Game going to the 1st floor.
  • Input the Elevator Game Combination WITHOUT leaving the elevator:¬†1, 4, 2, 6, 2, 10, 5, 1.
  • If done correctly, when you input the last digit “1” on the elevator you will be taken to the 10th floor instead and you will reach a different version with different rooms.
  • Enter the Tiffany Boss Fight on 10B.

Optional: after the Boss Battle, you can exorcise the demon at 7A and collect its note.

Elementary School (1 day till Sabbath)

  • Proceed normally through the Elementary School and the Secret Cult.

Nightmare 4 (John leaves the house or help Allred)

P.S.: This nightmare can change depending on the player’s outcomes.

  • Good outcome: Check the basement and go back to Father Allred.
  • Bad outcome: Leave the house.

Secret Cult Boss (Unholy Spirit)

  • After collecting 2 purple stones, the Unholy Spirit will start chasing the player through the rooms.
  • You can exorcise/kill the Unholy Spirit. It takes a while but it is possible.
  • If you want to kill the Unholy Spirit do not enter the Secret Passage and kill him first.

True Ending (Good Ending)

In order to achieve the True Ending you must complete the requirements:

  • Kill the Secret Hospital Boss (Mother).
  • Kill the Secret Hotel Boss (Daughter – Tiffany).
  • Kill the Secret Cult Boss (Unholy Spitit).
  • After killing The Unholy Trinity (Mother, Daughter and Unholy Spirit), the seal at the Crucible will be unlocked.
  • Enter the Crucible hole/entrance WITHOUT exorcising the purple coffin.
  • Kill all the bosses.
  • Variation 1: Go with Lisa.
  • Variation 2: Go with Father Garcia.

Neutral Ending (with variations)

Variation 1 (Good):

  • Kill the Hospital Boss.
  • Kill the Hotel Boss and save Lisa.
  • In the Nightmare 4, go help Father Allred at the basement.
  • Fail to kill all the 3 Secret Bosses / The Unholy Trinity (Mother, Daughter and Unholy Spirit). If you do not kill any of the 3 bosses, you wil trigger this ending.
  • Defeat Gary Miller.

Variation 2 (Bad):

  • Fail to kill the Hospital Boss or the Hotel Boss.
  • In the Nightmare 4, leave the house with helping Father Allred.
  • Fail to kill all the 3 Secret Bosses / The Unholy Trinity (Mother, Daughter and Unholy Spirit). If you do not kill any of the 3 bosses, you wil trigger this ending.
  • Any of the conditions above will trigger the Bad Variation of the Neutral Ending.

Bad Ending

This ending simply require an only step requirement:

  • Do not enter the Elementary School and go back to your house.

Optional: Skip all the 3 days going back to your house.

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