Spectator: Chapter 1 Point of Interest Map and Navigation Tips

An easy-to-read map of points of interest in Chapter 1 to help navigate the forest.


Points of Interest and Navigation Tips

Useful Notes:

  • Chapter 1 is played on a nearly-complete 5×7 grid.
  • Major points of interest will always appear where designated on this map.
  • All other tiles will randomly generate a generic forest tile, these will change and appear different from game to game. Navigation can only be done counting screens between points of interest.
  • The top row only contains the house, and the bottom row only contains 3 squares of highway.
  • The house can only be approached from the tile below, traveling up from the other tiles in Row 2 will wrap you around to the bottom of Row 6.
  • Traveling down from any of the Row 2 tiles will place you on the highway.
  • The map wraps you left and right on either side.

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