FIFA 22: How to Get Free FUT PS Plus Bundle

The free PS Plus pack is coming soon! We’ll tell you when the pack will be released and how you can get it.

For the first time in FIFA history, there will be a free PS Plus Pack. To preface, we can reveal that the pack is really good. Chances are you’ll draw a value card – for free and take it any day of the week, right? Additionally, FIFA will be among the free PS Plus games in May!

Sorry Xbox gamers, you’ll have to make do with nothing. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it. At least not for the moment. Maybe there will be something in the future. For EA, a promo with Sony is a priority because more players are playing on PlayStation than on Xbox.

What is the PS Plus Pack in FIFA 22?

The PS Plus Bundle is a free bundle in FIFA 22 that you get automatically if you subscribe to PS Plus. Since you can’t play FIFA online without the PS Plus subscription anyway, you don’t have to do anything at all to get this bundle. Kidding aside, this pack is a welcome gift you’ll be happy to take. Sony will probably want to draw attention to its PS Plus service to remind gamers that they need to renew their subscription, right? We have Free FUT Players a win-win situation.

When will the PS Plus Pack be available in FIFA 22?

The pack is available from June 3 to June 6.


What is the content of the PS Plus pack in FIFA 22?

The PS Plus pack contains eleven Gold Rare players from over 82 players and a player choice of three Icon Moment players to loan out . It’s a real cracker if you ask us. Eleven 82+ players in a free pack is already awesome, hope we draw some good cards. . The Icon Moment loan players can also be used as decent substitutes – we wouldn’t say no to that.

Is the free PS Plus bundle also available for Xbox?

No, the PS Plus bundle is exclusive to PlayStation and therefore not available on Xbox . Xbox gamers will have to be patient until EA launches a promo with Microsoft .

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