FIFA 22: How to Reach a 93 ovr in Player Career Mode (ST)

Hello everyone, in this guide I’ll show you all the steps you need to take to reach a 93 ovr in your FIFA 22 Player Career Mode. Why such a rating? Because this is the maximum rating that I was able to get as a striker (ST). Well, I won’t delay, let’s get started.

First of all, you must make sure that you have reached the maximum level in your career (25) and have the maximum number of skill points.
Alright, let’s start.
1) Physical (14/22)

  • Strength x3
  • Stamina x4
  • Reaction x7

2) Dribbling (24/25)
Everthing excepting Skill Moves (on the right branch)
3) Passing (5/25)

  • Crossing x1
  • Short Passing x3
  • Vision x1
  • Short Passing and Vision x1

3) Shooting (28/41)

  • FK Accuracy x1
  • FK Accuracy and Shot Power x1
  • Penalties x2
  • Heading Accuracy x7
  • Shot Power x1
  • Finishing x1
  • Finishing x1
  • Long Shots x4
  • Long Shots and Shot Power x3
  • Long Shots and Shot Power x3
  • Volleys x3
  • Volleys x3
  • Finishing and Volleys x4
  • Finishing and Volleys x4
  • Finisher Archetype

4) Pace (8/8)
Select all perks here






That’s all. If you still have a questions, ask me in comments section or just watch this video, I’m sure it helps you.


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