Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: “Hide and Seek Master” Achievement Guide

Never use a hiding spot.
Complete the entire game without using a hiding spot to earn this achievement.
Here is an easy guide to get this achievement without playing the entire game all the way through. Spoiler Alert!!!



Never use a hiding spot.

Complete the entire game without using a hiding spot to earn this achievement.

If you are like me, you played the game normally without looking at the achievements before hand. This most likely means you used a hiding spot in your quest to save Gregory. This means that you will have to do another run of the game to get this achievement, which can take a lot of time.

I have found, to what I believe is the quickest way, to get this achievement in a little over an hour depending on how fast you can do the beginning of the game.

NOTE: Freddy DOES NOT COUNT AS A HIDING SPOT! I know it says press ‘E’ to hide but no it does not count. You can go into Freddy as much as you want and get this achievement

“Hide and Seek Master” Achievement Guide

Here are the steps:

  1. Start a new game
  2. Play through the beginning of the game WITHOUT hiding
  3. You will have to do the Daycare section, first Atrium visit, El Chips and the VIP door section first to get caught by Vanessa
  4. Grab the screwdriver, escape Vanny, and return to the Atrium
  5. You need to help Freddy get fixed at Parts and service and get a Level 4 Security Badge from the basement so you can enter Freddy’s room and go through the vents
  6. Once you get the screwdriver you can get a party pass from Chica’s room using the vent you used in the very beginning (connected from Freddy’s room, crawl through it to Chica’s room. Be fast! Music man will get you if you aren’t)
  8. Beat Fazer Blast and go to the winner area, climb in the vent to the left and find Vanny’s hideout.
  9. Go across the catwalk to the end where the spiral staircase is you will be blocked by the gate door but you can easily jump over it if you jump in the corner of the gate towards the center of the staircase (shown in the video if you need help)
  10. Go down to the bottom of the stairs to initiate the disassembled ending (Freddy saying he can still speak to you and to make the robots turn against Vanny)
  11. Then turn back around and go back up the spiral staircase and across the catwalk to see that the vent is blocked and Vanny’s hideout is open.
  12. Go into Vanny’s hideout and press the button on the desk to end the game to win the achievement.

Here is the video showing the gate jumping:

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