Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: “UP UP AND AWAY” Achievement Guide

How to get to the Balloon World arcade machine and get the Up Up and Away Achievement.


What You Need And What To Do


Ready for this long list of what you need? Here it goes:

  • FazCam

Quite a lot huh?


So to get to the machine, you need to take pictures of 4 different cutouts of characters throughout the mall to open THIS poster which is secretly a door.

Where are the cutouts? Well…

Where To Go

The 4 cutouts you need to find in order to open this door can be found in:

  • The Daycare Theater Basement in a Storeroom
  • The Kids Cove Area by Monty Golf
  • The End of the Long Hallway Upstairs inside the West Arcade
  • The Area Behind Rockstar Row by a Save Point

Once taken a picture of with the FazCam, the eyes of the cutouts will glow and they will also do so on the poster.

I’ll do a quick run through here with pictures to help.

DayCare Theater Basement

Kids Cove Area

West Arcade

Behind Rockstar Row


Head back to the poster from before at the Daycare Theater and you should see every character’s eyes glowing like this.

Now That You’re In

Take a step towards the poster and discover it is actually a secret door!

Go down to the corridor into the damp and dusty room and look around to find a little tunnel that takes you into a tinier room where you will find this arcade machine.

Begin to play Balloon World…

This game is played similar to Balloon Fight for the NES. Just keep clicking to gain momentum into the air.

As you play you might notice these glitching purple areas on certain objects throughout the sections, your goal is to hit these purple glitched spots and it will send you into a new part of the stage.

Touching this purple glitch will award you with the achievement!!!


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