Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: All 16 CD Locations

The RETRO CDs will be revealed if you’re inside Freddy.
(You won’t be able to see the Retro CDs when you get to the location. You must call Freddy, get inside Freddy to reveal the Retro CD, then come out of Freddy and collect the Retro CD.)
Pictures below for reference.

Retro CD 1 (in Front of Main Stage)
Retro CD 2 (Near Monty’s Gator Golf)
Retro CD 3 (Near Monty’s Gator Golf)
Retro CD 4 (Food Court Behind Monty’s Golf)
Retro CD 5 (Inside Monty’s Gator Golf)
Retro CD 6 (Mazercise)
Retro CD 7 (Fazer Blast)
Retro CD 8 (Bonnie’s Bowl)
Retro CD 9 (Glamrock Beauty Salon)
Retro CD 10 (Roxy Raceway)
Retro CD 11 (West Arcade)
Retro CD 12 (Backstage Area)
Retro CD 13 (In Front of Freddy’s Room)
Retro CD 14 (Near Parking)
Retro CD 15 (Basement 1)
Retro CD 16 (Basement 1)

When collected you’ll have a complete story from Therapy session froms Vannesa/Vanny with the therapist going missing after talking to her knowingly Vanny killed them


Pictures of the locations (Not in order)

By ZwaNyrice

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