Ghost Hunters Corp: All Voice Commands

Here are the voice commands in English, directly taken from the game files.


Voice Commands

The voice commands can be edited in notepad, but remember to back-up the original.

File location: *\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Ghost Hunters Corp\vocal\English.json

“speak_ghost” :[“spirit”,”ghost”,”demon”,”you”,”man”,”woman”,”children”,”adult”,”child”],
“speak_hello” :[“hello”,”i’m friendly”,”i come in peace”,”i’m a friend”,”i’m here as a friend”],
“speak_bad” :[“i’m here to exorcise you”,”i’ve come to exorcise you”,”i’m scared”,”attack me”,”kill me”,”God”,”Lord”,”f*ck you”,”oh sh!t”, “update”, “when is release”],
“speak_move” :[“can you come here”,”come here”,”come to me”],
“speak_object”:[“can you move something”,”move something”,”move an object”],
“speak_door” :[“can you open a door”,”open a door”,”can you close a door”,”close a door”],
“speak_light” :[“can you turn on the light”,”turn on the light”,”can you turn off the light”,”turn off the light”],
“speak_write” :[“can you write in the book”,”write in the book”,”can you draw in the book”,”draw a picture”,”write something”],
“speak_noise” :[“give us a sign”,”give me a sign”,”make a noise”,”can you make a noise”,”where are you”],
“speak_speak” :[“can you talk”,”can you hear me”,”are you there”,”say something”,”can you speak to me”],
“speak_view” :[“can you show yourself”,”show yourself”,”manifest”]

Cleaned up

Title the Ghost:

  • Spirit
  • Ghost
  • Demon
  • You
  • Man
  • Woman
  • Children
  • Adult
  • Child

Greet the ghost:

  • Hello
  • I’m friendly
  • I come in peace
  • I’m a friend
  • I’m here as a friend

Make it mad:

  • I’m here to exorcise you
  • I’ve come to exorcise you
  • I’m scared
  • Attack me
  • Kill me
  • God
  • Lord
  • F*ck you
  • Oh sh!t
  • Update
  • When is release

Ask the ghost over:

  • Can you come here
  • Come here
  • Come to me

Ask to move object:

  • Can you move something
  • Move something
  • Move an object

Ask to open/close doors:

  • Can you open a door
  • Open a door
  • Can you close a door
  • Close a door

Ask to turn on/off light:

  • Can you turn on the light
  • Turn on the light
  • Can you turn off the light
  • Turn off the light

Ask to write/draw in the book:

  • Can you write in the book
  • Write in the book
  • Can you draw in the book
  • Draw a picture
  • Write something

Ask the ghost to talk:

  • Give us a sign
  • Give me a sign
  • Make a noise
  • Can you make a noise
  • Where are you

Ask to speak in radio or on site:

  • Can you talk
  • Can you hear me
  • Are you there
  • Say something
  • Can you speak to me

Make the ghost show up:

  • Can you show yourself
  • Show yourself
  • Manifest

By Feitegutenslank

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