Ghost Hunters Corp: How to Invite Friends

Here is a simple tutorial on how to invite friends, if you want to play with your friends. enjoy the game.


How to Invite Friends? (Step-by-step Tutorial)

Note: Shift + Tab and you should be able to see your friend’s list and invite from there after you allow yourself to host on the tablet

WARNING: The invite link will not always work. If not, go to your friends list, right click their name, and then click join game. They still have to create a lobby first from the tablet.

You might have to go that route.

1. Open Steam Co-Op on tablet
2. Create Steam Lobby
3. Host or let your friend host
4. Send or get sent an invite through Steam UI
5. You did it, just be advised of bugs since multiplayer is a work in progress

Credit to EXE-T/Cand Starwight/ttv

That’s all, hope this method will solve your problem. if not. please let me know.

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