Ghost Hunters Corp: How to Find New Player

Find out here how you can play together with others online in Ghost Hunters Corp and how you can find new players.


Multiplayer options

Unfortunately, the game does not yet have any public lobbies or a lobby browser.

In order to be able to play online with others, you have to create a private lobby among Steam friends. To do this, you have to befriend each other in Steam and then invite yourself.

The game can also be played via a local co-op mode (LAN) or, of course, alone.

A better solution is currently being considered in the roadmap.

Add friends using code

The easiest way is to share your Steam friend code with each other .

You can find this z. B. in Steam in the “Friends & Chat ” window via the icon with the figure and the plus sign next to the magnifying glass. After clicking on this icon, you will be taken to a new view and will immediately see your friend code.

If you have received a friend code yourself, in the same view you will find the window exactly under your own code, where you can enter the code you have received.

Find fellow players

There are different ways to find new players.

Here some examples:

Maybe someone on your friends list already owns the game.
If you go to the official shop page of the game and are logged into Steam, you can see on the right-hand side who of your contacts already owns the game or who still wants it.

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