Ghost Hunters Corp: How to Use a soundboard instead of a microphone

A brief how-to for a soundboard and virtual microphone for people who don’t have or want a microphone.


The chapter.
  • Install VB-Audio virtual cable[]
  • Install Death Counter and SoundBoard[https//vb-audiohttps] or any soundboard software you prefer
  • Open DCSB and go to Settings –> Sound and select CABLE input as your output device. You can also go to Other and select Only Sounds for a simpler layout.
  • Go to the audio devices in your audio manager and set CABLE output as the default recording device. You can also enable listening if you want to hear the sound through your speakers.
  • Go to a site like and create the .mp3 files to speak through DCSB or just use these[]. They need to be bound to hotkeys by DCSB.
  • Launch the game and select VB-Audio Virtual Cable as your microphone.

By Barking Sands

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