Growing Up: All Locations Guide

Here are all locations in Growing Up.


Growing Up All Locations Guide

Locations in this game unlock in a strange way. Unlock is tied to the friends’ Stories, and the game needs to send you to the location according to the plot. In most cases, there are alternative ways to unlock (buy a ticket or reach certain skill), but there are places where it is impossible to get to if the game doesn’t give you the required character as a friend. Sometimes this leads to absurd situations, for example, you can graduate from school without knowing where the school toilet and library are.

The unlocking conditions are listed below. If the conditions “have this character as friends” are fulfilled, the location will be unlocked as the story progresses.

Red Checker Cafe
Opens at the beginning of Middle School.

North Pine Galleria
Opens at the beginning of Middle School.

Ghost Water Walk Park
As the story progresses, with any character.

Starcade 80

  • Opens with both starting friends (Alex or Richard).
  • Request a ticket from your parents.

Funtasy Carnival

  • Have Alex or Alicia as friends.
  • Request a ticket from your parents.

Le Royale

  • Have Vivica as a friend — you need to agree to dinner with her parents.
  • Study Cooking, when you learn the “Fish dishes” skill, the restaurant will open on the map.

Cineplex 8
Have Richard, Wendy or Nathan as friends.

Pet Sanctuary

  • Have Nathan as a friend.
  • Develop the Empathy, choose the path of Zoology. When you learn the first skill of Zoology (“Invertebrates”), the shelter will open on the map.

Have Alex, Alicia, Felicity, Nathan of Vivica as friends.

Police Station
Have Wendy or Vivica as friends.

  • Wendy — station opens at the Middle School (after skipping classes and going to the cinema)
  • Vivica — station opens in High School (when she gets caught for drawing graffiti).

Art Space Gallery

  • Have Alicia as a friend.
  • Buy a ticket at the North Pine Galleria or request it from your parents

The Orpheus Theater

  • Have Richard or Wendy as friends.
  • Buy a ticket at the North Pine Galleria.

The Zone Club

  • Have Richard, Vivica or Nathan as friends.
  • Buy a ticket at the North Pine Galleria.

High School Library
Have Alex, Richard, Wendy, Nathan, Vivica or Kato as friends.

  • Richard, Wendy, Nathan, Vivica, Kato — auto unlocks.
  • Alex — look for her in the library.

High School Bathroom
Have Alex, Richard, Wendy, Nathan or Kato as friends. There are two toilets in the school (male and female), if you have required characters, you can unlock both (there is no benefit from this, both sell the same cheat sheets).

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