Growing Up: Brain Map Tactics

Here is the Brain Map Tactics for the Growing Up game.


Growing Up Brain Map Tactics

The highest priority points on the Brain Map:

Super Insight (reveals the entire map). Grab it as soon as you see it.

Brain Points. Recovers spent Brain Points and and reveals adjacent neurons for free. Just make sure that the points are not wasted (you cannot accumulate more than the maximum).

Action Points Hex. Increases maximum AP by +5.

Brain Poins Hex. Increases the maximum Brain Points by +5, works from the next Brain Map.

5. Insight. Opens neurons in a radius from 2 to 4 (check the description). If it opens radius 4, take it, if 3 – look at the situation. Almost always useless with a radius of 2.

Next Map. You don’t need to take it right away, but open the passage to it in advance.

Rainbox Hex. Adds +15 to all attributes (+75 in total) and increases the passive bonus for all attributes by +1.

Attribute Hexes (+ 17-30 to the attribute and + 1-2 to the passive bonus, depends on the character’s age). If you are developing a specialized character, you can take only your main attribute, ignore the rest. If you want to develop versatile, collect all the hexes and generally ignore small neurons, the character will still get good raise of skills due to the passive bonus.

Everything else makes sense to take only if it is right on the way to useful points, or useful points are over.

Shockwave. Collects contents of 5-10 (check description) adjacent neurons and reveals all adjacent neurons. It makes sense to take it when the map is unexplored to increase the visible area. Much less effective on the revealed map. A shockwave located at a dead end may get stuck and not collect anything.

Teleport. It makes sense to take it only if there are far-away valuable points on the map, it gives a chance to get close to them faster without opening unnecessary ones.

If nothing useful is left, take any neuron connected to the maximum number of other neurons (preferably 6).

Uber Attribute Neuron (collects all neurons of the same type). Not bad, but shows up too late in High School, by this time it isn’t really needed anymore. Without Super Insight, which reveals the entire map, it is even less useful.

Knowledge, Superknowledge. Of little use, the character already gets a lot of knowledge from mastering skills. The only option is to collect them if you urgently need some Knowledge right now, and haven’t enough money to buy cheet sheets or stuff from Funtasy Carnival.

Surprise. The only reason to take it — the whole map is opened, and there is no exit point to the next map. There is an very small chance (about 10%) to random the Next Map, usually something useless drops out.

Knowledge Hex (-10% to the cost of all available skills). The most useless thing. The cost of skills cannot drop below the minimum, and if you take this hex in order to get a discount on an expensive skill, the subsequent skills in the branch will still remain expensive, and it is wiser to upgrade the related attribute to reduce the cost.

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