Growing Up: Exams and Endings

Here is the Exams and endings for the Growing Up game.


Growing Up Exams and Endings

The ending depends on two factors: which skill tree the character has advanced the farthest, and what grade they got for the final exam.

If several branches of skills are mastered, the profession related to the first of the mastered skills will be chosen. For example, Zoology and Cooking are fully mastered, Zoology is mastered first, the character will follow the path of veterinary medicine.

The final exam score (A, B, C, D, F) affects the grade in the career earned. A is the top (Olympic medalist, best-selling author, all that), F is nothing outstanding (always an office clerk, regardless of skill). One cannot become a homeless person or a drug addict, although I tried very hard.

There are only 4 exams (Preschool, Elementary school, Middle School and High School graduation), only the final one affects the acquired profession. Tips for those who are not good at Candy Crush:

  • Raise the Preparation to 100 to get the maximum number of moves. The level of Preparation is influenced by the learning and mastering of school skills (hobbies don’t affect). You can get about 90 Preparation just by learning the skills (like your character has just opened the texbook once), up to 100 you have to master a little.
  • During High School, you can learn skills in the Library using Action Points. Use it if you need to speed up your Preparation for the final exam.
  • Collect 6+ cells together to get boosters, remove small groups only if it helps to combine a large pile of cells
  • In the final exam, collect 8+ cells together to get Eureka Power-Ups (allowing you to remove all cells of the same color at once). If there are a lot of cells on the field of the same color as the Eureka Power-Up — use it, if there are few — do not touch yet, wait for the accumulation.
  • Do not waste all the moves at once, before choosing the answers, leave 5 moves in the pool in order to get cells of the missing color if necessary.
  • The exam can be restarted. At any time, until the “Finish exam” button is pressed, you can return to the menu, select “Continue” and the exam will start from the beginning.

Meet this very dumb guy Jimmy. He managed to finish school without learning how to write and count. All his life he was a lounger, skipped classes and occasionally worked part-time at a local diner as an assistant cook, hoping to get rich and save up for a yellow Ford Mustang. As a result, which is logical, he passed the final exam for F, and now works as an office clerk. Don’t be like Jimmy.

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