HARVESTELLA: How to Unlock Secret Job

Just a quick guide on the unlock conditions for the two secret jobs Samurai and Aristotle


Samurai Unlock Process

To Unlock Samurai, you need two things before you can start the process.

1. playing the story (i believe you need to be around chapter 9)
2. have your pet Totokaku max level (level 5 so they can swim) via feeding them with the Totokaku feed you buy from the merchant at the stop

Once you have those two things done, you’re ready to unlock samurai!

Process for unlocking samurai, you need a total of 3 items to get everything.

Old Scabbard

First is the old scabbard which you can find in the Orbital Cradle V Empieroin which there will be a password protected door.

After the almighty process of brute forcing the combination because i was too lazy to find the hint, the code is 0726 , once unlocked, you will find a chest in there with the item old scabbard.

Key Card

The second item is a key card which is required for the broken katana.

This is where the level 5 Totokaku comes into play. you will go on the world map, go next to the town of Shatolla where there’ll be a spot for your mount to swim through the waters and get to a small coast off the side.

Visual Guide Below

Have Totokaku dig a hole in the screenshot and you will find a Level 50 FEAR sitting in there.

Once you defeat the monster in the cave, a chest will appear with the key card in there.

Grab it and let’s move on to the next part, the broken katana!

Third Item as you can guess is the broken katana

Broken katana

Once you have the keycard, head over to the Astrum Helix research facility on lost gaia

You’ll be heading to III Seraph Memorial Garden Upper Layer and at the marked location is where you use the key card and that’s where you grab your broken katana

Now for the last part, actually unlocking it.

Mysterious Person Location

Now if you explored the world map, you’ll probably have talked to a mysterious person who asked about the scabbard and katana but if you haven’t found them, he’s in the lost gaia world map behind a building.

Talk to them once or twice depending on whether or not you have found them or not and then you’ll be able to unlock samurai.

Enjoy your weebness :>

Aristotle Unlock Conditions

Aristotle is easy but time consuming.

You know that Faerie orders that each fairy wants you to do?

Yeah you have to complete 60 requests from each one.

Once you complete 60 requests for each Faerie, you’ll get a Faerie Stone pertaining to their element.

Example Below of the Faerie Stone

Basic Math dictates you have to do 240 requests in total to unlock Aristotle.

Once you have all four stones, you’ll unlock the Aristotle secret job.

So do quests, farm, fish, cook, gathering, and all that fun stuff and near the end you should have most of the requests done.

Enjoy your Aristotle!

By Aira

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