Inscryption: All Bosses Guide

Here is a guide on how to beat all bosses in Inscryption.


Boss 1(Prospector)

  • He summons a pack mule(which moves around like an elk)on the very left at the very start, as
    well as a 2/1 canine.
  • He continues to summon some monsters in other tiles if you do not kill his first life fast enough.
  • If you kill the pack mule, the mule will give you five random cards, I believe always including a
  • After you take out his first life, he kills each of your monsters and replaces them with a gold
    nuggets. He then summons a 2/3 Bloodhound.
  • These gold nuggets are 0/2 and cannot be sacrificed.
  • He continues to summon adders(I believe up to 3?) until he dies.

Thus ends the prospector encounter.

Boss 2(Angler)

  • Angler summons multiple kingfishers to start, I believe 2-3. They have dive and flying, making
    them near impossible to kill and block.
  • Every other turn he will steal the most recently played creature you have. This will move all
    creatures in the column up, including his own.
  • This can be an excellent way to prevent him from dealing damage to you, if you let him drag
    squirrels onto his side.
  • After you knock out his first life, he will clear his side of the board and summon 3 bait buckets
  • After you knock out his first life, he will clear his side of the board and summon 3 bait buckets
  • These 0/1 buckets summon a 4/2 shark with dive after dying, making them extremely
    inadvisable to kill.
  • Best way to beat this guy at this stage is to sacrifice any normal creatures and use a flying
    creature to kill the boss without damaging the bait.
  • Barring this, you can brute-force the sharks, by blocking their damage with high health
    creatures and dealing damage in turn to the boss.

Boss 3(Trapper/Trader)

  • The Trapper’s first phase involves summoning two strange frogs, leaving a space on the left 3
    columns empty to summon one the next turn.
  • There is also a Leaping Trap that is summoned on the very right(it’s been there all 6ish times
    for me) that kills anything that it defends against, as well as blocking flying units.
  • if you kill a frog, you will also summon a leaping trap in its place.
  • best way to go about finishing this one is to stall until you get your strong units in hand, then kill
    the traps and move on to the next phase.
  • You can also just try to rush to the next phase ASAP to avoid wasting resources on this section
    of the fight.
  • The main mechanic here is to sacrifice your creatures for pelts that will be used in the next
    phase, but honestly you’re sacrificing your creatures for random creatures essentially.
  • In the next phase, the trapper give you a pelt, and asks you to use all pelts in your hand to
    trade for cards on his side of the field. These will all be one-patch upgraded creatures.
  • Here you will have to adapt to your strategy, but if you set up your board before, then you just
    need to empty a column and one-shot him.
  • If you did not, then you need to make sure to take the creatures that will be your biggest
    problems and make them his biggest problems.
  • As an example of how I set it up, I had a 4 attack monster set up, and took all his creatures in
    that column, as well as the turkey vulture. Therefore I had enough to overkill him immediately
    without dealing with his crazy creatures.

Final Boss + Leadup

  • Before the final boss you will be given the option to pick several boons, if you can pass
    tests(similar to the creature den)
  • You can always pass one of them if you have the ring from the cuckoo clock(turn the clock to
  • These boons can be game changing, like starting with a black goat, or with 8 bones.
  • You always start with extra smoke(s), and the boss has 3 lives this time.
  • The boss can use other boss’s abilities, like the prospector’s gold-turning trick.
  • He can use the angler’s steal unit ability, with the same targeting logic as the angler(last unit
  • He can use the trapper’s pelt trade ability, and summon two super creatures that you get to pick
    one and the boss keeps the other.
  • In the next phase he will summon two death-cards in random columns. As you can see the ones
    he summoned for me are quite strong, but I got unlucky this round.
  • He can continue to use his three special abilities during this time.
  • after you deal with this next phase, he summons the moon on you.
  • The moon has 40 hp, attack all tiles, 1 attack, and creature orbit(pulls small creatures to death)
  • Essentially it’s a giant health mantis god.
  • The best way to deal with this crazy creature is to use stinky to lower its attack to 0.
  • At that point you just have to beat the creature down. Here, triple attacks or double attacks like
    the mantises are very powerful in dealing multiple hits to the moon.
  • Poison works on the moon.
  • After the moon dies, you just need to kill him; he is defenseless.

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