Inscryption: “Skulls Storm” Achievement Guide

A step-by-step description of tactics and strategies for obtaining the desired achievement (after the world’s first steam achievement).   First cycle To begin with, where you end up will depend on the way you start. Preparation requires reboots. Loadzzz of reboots. Well, now briefly, one by one: 0 Choose Mantis … Read More

Inscryption: Kaycee’s Mod Achievements Guide

Basically if you’re too lazy to translate the Russian Guide, I’ve practically done it for you here (especially since I’ve gotten the achievements myself). Or, you know, you could have watched a youtube guide or something.   Challenge Level Achievements Basically, for the “Dubious/Taunting/Roar/Rise” Challenge achievements, you have to progress … Read More

Inscryption: Act 2 Infinite Foils Guide

Short, sweet and simple guide to cheesing the ELF out of a fight in Act 2 to farm infinite foils. If you’re a completionist or achievement hunter like me, this will allow you to get every. single. for purchase. card in Act 2.   The set-up/requirements Edit: I realized shortly … Read More

Inscryption: Act 3 Math Puzzles

For anyone that need help on the math problems.   First problem This acts as a normal math problem. Just add them together. Answer: 12 Second Problem Now the game throws in a complication. Hint 1: The symbol is similar to the Mantis God and the fours cancel each other. … Read More

Inscryption: Cards with unique hidden abilities

Warning! This guide contains unmarked spoilers! This guide is a simple overview of cards with unique, and more often than not, unmentioned abilities. This guide is intended for players who have already completed Inscryption.   Common Cat – If sacrificed 9 times, it will lose the undying sigil, but gain 3 … Read More

Inscryption: Act1 Map Icons for New Players

This is a quick Act 1 map icon guide aimed at players that just started out. I’ll try keep it relatively concise without getting too much into spoilers. Also, I have not found official names for all these, some I will name myself. Let’s go…   Events Backpack: Be awarded … Read More

Inscryption: All Bosses Guide

Here is a guide on how to beat all bosses in Inscryption.   Boss 1(Prospector) He summons a pack mule(which moves around like an elk)on the very left at the very start, as well as a 2/1 canine. He continues to summon some monsters in other tiles if you do … Read More

Inscryption: General Tips to Start

Here is a list of some general good tips for you to start Inscryption. enjoy the game.   Inscryption General Tips to Start If you are confused about the bottom-right shelf puzzle, think about what happens when your guy attacks a prickly dude.(hint, he dies) If you are full on … Read More