Inscryption: How to Easily Buff the Ouroborus in Act 1 and Kaycee’s Mod

Knowing how to buff the Ouroborus in Kaycee’s mod can make challenge runs much, much easier, and having buffed it in Act 1 removes the need later on.


Cards Required

You need only 3 cards to make this trick work, and they are the following:

  • The Ouroborus (obviously)
  • The Warren
  • The cockroach

For this to work, you will need to transfer the unkillable sigil from the cockroach to the warren.

Buffing the Ouroborus

There are 3 repeatable steps to buffing the Ouroborus, and they are as follows.

Step 1
Play the ouroborus.

Step 2
Sacrifice the Ouroborus to play the warren, then play the rabbit it spawns.

Step 3
Sacrifice both the warren and rabbit to place the Ouroborus. The warren will return to your hand.

Step 4
Repeat step 2 onward until you’re satisfied with the stats.

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