Inscryption: General Tips to Start

Here is a list of some general good tips for you to start Inscryption. enjoy the game.


Inscryption General Tips to Start

  • If you are confused about the bottom-right shelf puzzle, think about what happens when your guy attacks a prickly dude.(hint, he dies)
  • If you are full on items when you go to a shop, you get a pack rat, a 2/2 that gives you an item each time it is summoned.
  • Diagonal attack is very strong, it basically allows you to hit enemies that can’t hit you, while at the same time dealing double damage if you are hitting empty tiles.
  • Search is very strong as a trait; always take it if you can. Looking through your deck to draw a card with impunity is amazing.
  • Always try to overkill an enemy. Overkilling gives you extra golden teeth, a currency that allows you to purchase pelts from the trapper
  • Squirrel in a bottle is OP. Always use this.
  • Squirrel in a bottle is OP. Always take this.
  • Enemies that use kingfishers(like the Angler) are basically damage races. Make sure to pick units that have high attack values. You cannot always rely on the tankiness of your units.
  • Overkill-Hitting enemies through other enemies can be very useful, as it breaks through their special abilities, like dive, or poison. This is why attack damage is very important
  • If you are planning on not winning/dying, take a urayuli with you. It’s cost is kind of ridiculous, but if you manage to get those stats onto a death card, at any other cost 7/7 in stats is amazing.
  • Totemswise, squirrel-sacrifice or squirrel-undying is very strong. Anything else pales in comparison.
  • Bone-cards are very strong in bosses, especially if you have multiple lives to turn into smoke at the start of the boss.

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