Jurassic World Evolution: How to Get Power to Your Park

Need to know how to get power to your park? This simple guide will (hopefully) help you with your problems!


Making and Connecting Power
You will need to make a power station in the power tab. You will need to place the power station somewhere, and it needs to have a path connection, or it will not work.

Now that you have power, you will need to connect this power station to the power grid. In the power tab, choose the ‘Pylon’ and attach it to the power station’s built-in pylon to another pylon, or a substation. Now, you should have a little extra power for your park!

Delivering Power
Now, we need to get power to your building(s)! We will need to use a substation. Go into the power tab, and choose the substation. Now, there is a relatively large yellow circle. This is the range the substation will provide power for your buildings. Make sure the building is in the circle, or it will still have no power! When you build a substation, you need to attach a pylon to the substation’s built-in pylon to another pylon that is connected to another pylon that is connected to a power station.

A building without power will have an icon above it that represents a substation without the pylon, or a caution sign (a triangle with an exclamation mark inside of it).

No More Power
Once a power station has ran out of power, you will need to make a new one and connect it to the power grid. You can also add upgrades to a power station to make it output more power, although this will increase it’s chance to make the station have a power outage, and won’t add to the unused power. This however, can be countered by the outage protection upgrades.

Outputs and Usage
A power station has a set output depending on the size of it. I am, however, assuming you are a beginner on the first island, so you only have a small one, so this is completely irrelevant.

The output of a power station is how much power can be used. This amount can be upgraded by improved output upgrades, so you can have more power in your park per one power station. Buildings also have a set power usage, so this means it will subtract from the output of a station.

Unused power is the amount of power you have available in a station. This decreases as more power is used, until it is 0. If the unused power of a station is it’s exact output, this means no power is being used from that station. If it is 0, this means there is no more power remaining to use, and you need to make another station.

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