Kenshi: How to Get 100K Cats Easily

With these 3 steps you can easily make around 100,000 cats without any training montages.


Step 1 – Flawless Bounty Hunt

-Go to the Exile Camp In the Stenn Desert

-Here you want to locate Tora The Fearless, keep a close eye on her through this entire process.

-Then, lure her and her posse to the Waystation above and wait for the battle to finish, keeping close to Tora during the battle,(you might as well join in on the fight to level up a bit)

-As soon as she’s down, heal her and pick her up, take her to a shek town for her bounty, Admag is recommended as it places us closer to the next step

Step 2 – Ghost Town Raid

-Buy a big backpack so you dont have to make multiple trips, and tools if you dont have good lockpicking

-Go to this island off of the coast of vain, it is a long swim but even as a flatskin you can survive the swim unprotected

-No enemies, so just loot, though it is a bit eerie, the loot is randomized but expect somewhere around 60k cats

Step 3 – Dust King Regicide

-After handing in Tora & looting the old workshop, hire 2 mercenary groups and head to the Dust Bandit Tower

-Litteraly just raid the place

-Hand in Dust Kings bounty and sell his gamer loot

By Dope Rat

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