Kenshi: Fast Thievery Levelling

Thievery cheese to get around 80-90 thievery for hivers in about 10-30 minutes



What you will need-

Hiver character

A human shirt to steal from another faction’s container (any shirt will do so long as its a human one)

A full inventory for your character (make sure the shirt will not fit inside)

The Cheese

Now the moment youve been waiting for, the glorious cheese

Its quite simple, just have your inventory full as the hiver character, find a stealable shirt from another faction’s container and spam spam spam that right click to steal. Despite the shirt not leaving the container’s inventory, it will still count towards thievery levels since technically you are stealing the shirt, it just gets put back into the container as your hiver cannot wear it, and the hiver’s inventory is full. Since the shirt is placed in the same position as when you stole it, you can spam the hell out of your mouse for those sweet levels.

Be warned that you can still be caught stealing with this method so dont get caught by a faction you want to be buddies with! If you dont care about this then dont worry, if you get caught keep the game paused and open the container and steal the shirt again. You can rinse and repeat this until youre satisfied with your thievery level then run away from whoever caught you

My character after doing this cheese

This is an image of my character after doing this almighty cheese, at 94 thievery

By Natu

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