Kenshi: The Holy Crusade Mod Guide

This is a guide for the Holy Crusade mod.


General Information

I will keep updating this guide as I play through the mod. Some of the information might be partial/unfinished. Suggestions and corrections are very welcome!

  • The world state books say you can “capture or kill” pretty much all your targets. I suggest killing them and then turning them in for half their bounty because half the time I handed in targets alive, I spent hours trying to figure out why world states didn’t trigger only trek massive distances and find said targets I turned in at Blister Hill to be roaming free again.
  • Sometimes for world states to trigger you have to revisit locations twice. Once to trigger their “destroyed” state, and then to trigger their “occupied” state.
  • Once you have 75(?) reputation with the Holy Nation, speak to the Phoenix to receive the Holy Seal which allows you to “enlist” squads of patrolling paladins (akin to mercenaries but for free). This is essential to conquer points of interests unless you have a really big squad!

The United Cities Frontier / Moll and the Cannibals

Step 1 (Moll and the Cannibals Phase 1-2)
  • Kill or capture Moll – located in Flotsam Village, in the large flat dome building
  • Kill or capture the Cannibal Grand Wizard – located in the Cannibal Capital

To trigger the Deadcat change, you might need to revisit the Ghost Village and the Fishing Village for Flotsam’s “occupied” state to trigger. Visit the Holy Farm and mentioned Scout Posts as well to make sure the world states triggered.

Step 2 (United Cities Frontier Phase 1-2)
  • Kill or capture Samurai Captain Akuma – located in Bast, with a patrol of about 12-16 soldiers.
  • Kill or capture Samurai Sargeant Yokai – located in Endin, in a small shack ruin with a bonfire, surrounded by Elite Samurai
  • Kill or capture Eyegore – located in Drin, or raids your outpost after angering the United Cities

Step 3 (United Cities Frontier Phase 3 / Moll and the Cannibals Phase 3)

At this point a Holy Nation assault might trigger against Stoat and if you happen to be there it is very easy to catch Lord Inaba fighting in the streets. Otherwise he is found in the Noble House in town. Leave and revisit the town to first trigger its “destroyed” state, then again to trigger the “occupied” state.

You might have to visit Drin, Bast and Endin to trigger their “occupied” state. For me this didn’t happen until I killed everyone and made all three places “DEAD”.

  • Talk to the Angry Rebel Farmer in one of Bast’s bars
  • Talk to the Content Rebel Farmer in one of Endin’s bars
  • Talk to Concerned Paladin after Drin is occupied. He will join your party and offer you a weapon. You can dismiss him after or keep him, he’s pretty strong.

The Shek Frontier / Border Zone

Step 1 (Border Zone Phase 1, Shek Frontier Phase 1)
  • Kill or capture the Dust King – located at the Dust King Tower with about 15 bandits of 12-20 attack (this is arguably even easier than the Cannibal Wizard one)
  • Kill or capture Dimak – located in the Tower of Ninjas, with about 18 bandits, only slightly stronger than Dust bandits (just North from the Dust King Tower, easy to do both in one go and his buddy Buzan also has a nice bounty on his head!)
  • Kill or capture Esata the Stone Golem – located in Admag – currently stuck on this. I have a party 6, and there are no Holy Nation patrols anywhere near Admag. I will update the guide from here once I figure this one out.

Thanks to – ̗̀n o o k ̖́- for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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