Left 4 Dead 2: Expert Realism Campaigns Guide

In this guide i will give tips and tricks to get pass through most Campaigns (Mostly Guaranteed) on Expert Realism


The Start of Suffering

In the dangerous world of many different areas and Dangers that lurk every corner. So in this guide I am here to help you with this Expert Realism Challenge

Note that before starting this journey make sure you at least got the “Still Got Something To Prove” achievement before trying to do this because you ain’t gonna get through easily without getting some practice and knowledge to get through them


Some knowledge your gonna need are listed down below

-Know the Guns Stats to know the situation that your given
-Weigh the ideas and choices to execute the perfect plan
-Know the infected Stats to counter them with maximum efficiency
-Teamwork is necessary otherwise you ain’t gonna get through the 1st Chapter of the Campaign


-The Scout
Weapons:All Shotgun types and Melees
-Bio Bomb or Pipe Bomb

There Purpose:
He runs through the horde and take care of the strong Tank and Charger with there fast and high DPS thanks to the shotgun, they also can scout the area and pinpoint exact enemies and resources later need through the Campaign. They can also act as a Tempoary support and save you if you are pinned down by a Hunter or Charger or Smoker

-The Heavy
Weapons:Grenade Launchers and Some Rifles (M16 and AK47) Pistols or all Melees if optional
-Pipe Bomb or Molotov
-Pain Pills

There Purpose:
He takes care of the weak Common Infected dealing Medium Splash Damage making his role as a good support against the mega hordes and can pair up with different roles depending on how they play out. They also can take care of Chargers, Spitters, and Boomers

-The Mercenary
Weapons: Mostly Assault Rifles and Shotguns secondary optional
-Any Throwable
-MedKit or Defib
– Adrenaline or Pain Pills

There Purpose:
They mainly clear most of the damaged horde thanks to the Heavy, There role can be almost sync with anybody if there teamwork is a Synced entirely. They can handle any special Infected

-The Medic
Weapons: SMG and Shotguns Secondary: Melee
– Bio Bomb or Moltov
– MedKit or Defib
– Pain Pills or Adrenaline

There Purpose:
They are the people in the group to keep everyone Health up and ready and make sure nobody is left 4 dead thanks to the Defibrillator. He also acts as a support from the behind shooting down Zombies with Low-Moderate Health

-The Sniper
Weapons: All Snipers and Secondary:Melee
-Pipe Bomb and Bio Bomb
-Pain Pills or Adrenaline

There Purpose:
They shot multiple bullets and deal the Heaviest amount of damage to their Heads as Body shots are reduced by a tremendous amount making it very hard to kill if you don’t directly hit there head. They are the best with any Special Infected

The Problems and Counters of Infected

Common Infected: 50HP
Can be easily countered with every weapon
They are powerful with they are more then 5 swarming you from all corners since they are powerful dealing 20 Hitpoints per hit so beware of your surroundingsCustomized Common Infected:
Basically Common Infected but with extra Hitpoints to last longer and some kind of Resistance against Fire or Bullets or Bombs

Boomer: 50HP/Barley any damage
They are simple to deal with don’t get to close to activate the horde and they are one shot for snipers and shotguns couple shots for other weapons. As the name says, they are like suicidal bombers but they can attracted the horde upon death or by barfing on you.

Spitter: 100HP/DPS is known to increases from Acid but Physical is unknown
They are sharpshooters the kind that shoot weird liquid that as you stand on for longer and longer u take more DPS (damage depends on Difficulty) So it best with High Damage weapons such as a shotgun or a sniper also watch out for the extra acid splash they do upon death.

Smoker: 250HP/DPS Unknown
They are the Kidnappers, they will drag you away from your team. Take note that when a Smoker captures you it takes awhile for them to drag you and it deal little to no damage but when he makes contact or you can’t reach to the smoker you start tanking the hits. So it recommend to target the smoker and shoot before you get dragged to give you a good chance to end up with the same amount health you have before getting captured. So Snipers and Rifles are the best for this situation but Snipers are better in general

Charger: 600HP/DPS is likely 30-40 during the smackdown
A rampage of force that can rush at you from behind or the side and you be speed off and smash on the ground by the charger after slamming into a wall. They continuously slam you down on the floor till your dead. So watch out and listen when they start charging. He can also fling other survivor away from himself if one already been taken by the charger

Jockey: 325HP/DPS Unknown
A small little zombie that can grab you by the head and drag you away from your team and put you into more danger than you need to be, So knock em back by shoving at the right time they jump at you so no damage is dealt at the time. Shotguns are the best for this situation

Hunter: 250HP/DPS is very High like around 30-40
A Crawling hoodie fella just waiting for him to pounce, Note that he has the exact ability of the jockey but with Stronger pounces and being able to almost reach to the 2nd Floor in Mall Atrium and being able to knock you down in 3 secs and being able to kill you in 5 secs (Not exact times). So beware of that, Shotguns are also required to fight this pouncer as they can hit good enough to kill the hunter

Tank: 8000HP (Expert Variant)/ DPS is Full Health Breaker (meaning One Shot)
Ah Yes, the main deadly threat of the game, being the most hardest enemy to killed and the most dangerous one, he can fling cars out of nowhere (If your in a area full of cars)and he can through rocks that can one shot you down. He also have a powerful punch known for launching you through half of the Mall Atrium (My Experience, it happened to me before). But since this is Expert Realism don’t doubt that he gonna launch you, he gonna one shot you down with his punch so be careful about that also. He is best handled with Fast Shooting Weapons to take down this enemy such as the Military Sniper 30 bullets and can be entirely spammed to the point the tank might die on the 60th bullet mark

As you saw from some of the enemys it said “DPS is unknown” it because im a idiot not observing the health bar damage too often and the DPS can change amount like it can be 42 then a 35 then a 96 so really it out of random and by chance. So pretty much I can say

-Smoker can deal Medium damage
-Jockey deal Light-Medium Damage
-Hunter deal High-Extremely High Damage

Weaponry And Items


Around the time you are gonna encounter some weapons, there are two tiers that look somewhat made in a gunshop and other made by the military itself.

Tier 1:Basic Weapons basically a worse weapon set
Tier 2:Military Grade Weapons a better weapon set
Assault Rifles: who doesn’t like some mid range weapon to deal moderate damage to the horde

-Tier 2
-Replacing the Submachine and Silent Submachine Guns
– Dealing around 376.2 DPS
This mid-range weapon is overall better except for the fire rate other than the lets move to the AK-47

-Tier 2
-Replacing Submachine and Silent Submachine Guns
-Dealing around 446.1 DPS
This is a better weapon than the M16 but with less Accuracy but a bit better fire rate and damage

Scar or Combat Rifle
-Tier 2
– Replacing Submachine and Silent Submachine Guns
– Dealing around 368.4 DPS
Generally Lower DPS and Firerate so it pretty much a bad weapon

Shotguns: A classic Close range shooter and Easy taken down weapon

Auto Shotgun:
-Tier 2
– Replacing the Basic Shotgun
– Dealing around in total a 300 (25 × 12 pellets) (No DPS Determined exactly)
A Good spam weapon that helps with taking down high HP enemy and groups of Common Infected

Basic Shotgun
-Tier 1 (im assuming; correct me if wrong)
– Replacing No Weapons
– Dealing around in total 300 (25 × 12 pellets) (No DPS Determined exactly)
A one shot reload weapon instead of shoving Pellets and a shell into and just shoot at your will with no reloading timed between shots, they just shoot and reload basically.

Snipers: The weapons the can snipe u from miles. They can also pierce through multiple Common Infected.

Hunting Rifle: Weapon with 15 Bullets
-Tier 2
-Replacing No Weapons
– Dealing around in total 360 DPS
A weapon I consider better due to it being more accurate than the Sniper Rifle (30 Bullets Weapon)

Sniper Rifle:Weapon with 30 Bullets ( I put this so you don’t get confused and consider them the same)
-Tier 2
-Replacing No weapons
-Dealing around in total 360 DPS
A weapon that slightly worse in accuracy but ammo can help killing the infected faster rather than the average 15 ammo for the hunting rifle making you reload more often, and the more u reload, more time your gonna waste to kill zombies.

Pistols: Infinity ammo ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
-Tier Unknown
-Replacing No Weapons
-Dealing 36 DPS (72 If duel Wielding both weapons)
A good backup just in case you ran out of ammo from Primary. Even better when your down, as you can shoot more when downed

Melee: Infinity Head chopper
-Tier Fish
-Replacing No Weapon
-Dealing around 25-75 DPS
Fun fact: The Axe and Katana can One shot the Common Infected at Full Health, Other weapons are just blunt weapons to stun zombies for a slight second, on the 2nd or 3rd hit they will die. But takes longer for Special infected

-Medkits Automatically Heals to 80 Health but if your around 60-70 (Not Guaranteed) your gonna be healed higher than 80 Health likely to placed at 81-89 Health when using medkit

-Pills and Adrenaline give you temporary Health to keep you up to with everybody else on the group. Pills give you more Temp Health while Adrenaline give you less but a speed boost is fitted in as a alternative for the missing extras Health

-Molotov are fire bombs that splash a small radius of fire, dealing damaged to enemies for a while and chipping there health down.

-Bio Bombs are Boomer Barf that when splash on the floor or zombie, all Infected will target the enemy/Area for awhile giving you some time to either revive your teammate, healing yourself, and running away to avoid a chance to get the entire team killed.

-Pipe Bombs are ticking red flashing bomb that attract all Common Infected in a radius, killing nearby with a massive blast.

-Defibrillator (Defib for short)
A way to revived completely dead teammates giving them 50 Health on respawn and down counter restart.

Map Planning and Movement

Through out the map your gonna be moving and moving. There are gonna be area that are death spots if not taken advantaged care

Inside Corners:
These Corners are Death Spots or a Savior there is no in between it really depends on your situation. If you are in a current Horde attack, this is a bad spot to camp due to it being a Swarm and Spitter Zone, because if you get crowded and locked by a Spitter. It gonna be hard getting out without a shotgun or a Pipe Bomb distracting them. If it not a horde attack but rather a Special Infected attack (I refer it as there is not a lot of Common Infected), you can camp there to prevent jockeys or hunters from getting you from the behind, you can keep distance from incoming Chargers and Smokers, as you can only see from a 0 to 90 view making it limited to enemy in your FOV. only disadvantage is if couple jockeys and hunter on you overrunning you way to easily.

Outer Corners:
Basically like Inside Corners but it more out in the open and your FOV cannot capture the entire Outer Corner

Obviously this is a Heaven of a room, It has ammo refills, Free MedKits, Variety of weapons needed for the chapter. But the best part is the Door leading to the next chapter, because if there a sniper or if you previously got a sniper from the previous Chapter, you can use it to shoot the zombies outside of the Saferoom door to give you some coverage and safety just in case if you feel like there is too many zombies outside. Making it a good spot in the entire campaign.

Open Fields:(Area of the map where is massive and Special Infected are more spawned)
These sections are dangerous area depending on the game system if they give you some bad time like 2 tanks and couple chargers they are definitely ♥♥♥♥ on you. It really depends all on your luck, your weapons, Health, and Items that you brought with you to the battle.

Closed Fields:(Areas of the map with smaller and it common infected that spawn more often)
These sections are safe but also deadly areas if not handle carefully, try using Snipers or Shotguns because snipers can pierce through zombies and shotgun got a strong spread of bullets. Making it easy to slide through the section of the map.

Roofs, Towers, and higher ground:
These buildings are sacred areas, perfect to camp at and a luxurious place to survive as you can shove zombies back down and prevent swarming but Smoker and Spitters are the main downside. As they are ranged Infected they can spit or kidnap someone on the tower forcing them to go down to the crowded and dangerous horde of common infected. So Snipers are advised when your planning to survive on this section.


As you know it gonna be hard to move around as you health get lower as u get damage more and more often so Medkits are advised to be used after u get downed the second time you can tell if your screen is black and white and your character is saying that they are on the verge of death. Pills and Adrenaline are temporary health and speed boost as your speed is dependent on your health.

It is also advised that you should watch your health as this can help identify if you need to heal or not. if your health is showing yellow that is a recommended time to heal with a medkit if you don’t have a medkit then pop some pills or adrenaline to keep your health up for a temporary amount of time.

Jumping while walking helps with the speed a bit though…


41-100% Health- Safe for now (no healing needed)
31-40% Health- Pop some extra health or Heal with medkit
1-30% Health- Man u gonna need medkit ASAP

50-300% Health- Your teammates need to heal you
0-50% Health- Your totally ♥♥♥♥♥♥ unless ur teammate clutch up

The Final Chapter of every campaign

Tanks are guaranteed to spawn in the Final Chapter or know as the rescue part of the Campaign so take note of the tank main weakness: Bio Bombs, Molotov and shotguns

Thanks to multiple bullets splash and the summoned horde thanks to the bio bomb. The tank can be handle with ease, unless you somehow got trap into a corner and the tank is block the way out. Fire can also help with chipping there Health down and down

Final Chapters:
They are the hellhole of surviving, problem is if you don’t have a spare Medkit, it gonna be extremely hard to handle the amount of special infected and common infected being spawned. It also depends on they system, because they give you a set of different weapons after each restart of the chapter. (this does not apply to the Saferoom)

You also need a perfect camping spot (If your chapter is to defend yourself rather than running through hordes to get safety) Since this is Expert Realism, Low body shots, More DPS taken, More Aggressive and they can bring no mercy and give you barely a chance to heal, do it before or after a Horde attack, so can come at least prepared. Though since it the final chapter your are technically facing three waves of the Malicious Horde.

1st Wave: around 75 Common Infected, 2-4 Special Infected (Randomized, No Tank)
2nd Wave: around 90 Common Infected, 3-5 Special Infected (Randomized, 1 Tank)
3rd Wave (The Final and Escape Wave): around 100-120 Common Infected, 4-5 Special Infected (Randomized, 2 Tanks [Depends on the Map of the tank spawn amount])

It is also note to camp near the Pickup Point so you can escape easily without any trouble, Otherwise, stray to far and the Special Infected is gonna capture you and knock you out, (Except the Spitter). forcing your teammates to either sacrifice another teammate to get killed while trying to save you or shooting you when they have to leave you behind, considering shoot a down teammate is a safer option rather than saving others. Don’t stray away from the group, otherwise this while happen to you.

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