Left 4 Dead 2: How to Unlock “Good Ending” in “The Sacrifice” DLC

This is a guide on how to get the “good ending” (save Bill)
Also, by the way, seeing some mysteries and easter eggs.


The Sacrifice (DLC) – Addon

C7m1 (Docks)

We look own on, no one will be left behind.
We are a family, I would give my life for them.

What if Francis saved you?

Maybe, if you listen to him and if they take a boat to go to an island?

Francis is rarely taken seriously for being such a prankster. But, what would happen if I left that indifference for this time?

Tip: Get Francis to help you find a can.
Is easy, just have fate 😀

Most of the time it is necessary to carry a gascan, right?

There are some scattered on the map, be careful… the Tank can break the boats.

Almost bots are a bit slow but you have to take care of them 100%
if you want them to help you talk to them in chat. if you are mostly good, they will answer you.

C7M2 (Barge)

Almost no one believes in anyone.

She is afraid that Bill will do the same as the soldiers and the civilians and the doctor.

Let me see, is that a help graffiti?
Who’s lost, I hope he’s okay, no one knows what creatures are out there, never easy but they know.

She will still be alive, I hope all is well “alone with a shotgun”
Until the ammo runs out


Not exactly but yes!

There is a girl locked up, she can be saved but almost no one has succeeded, they lost their friend on the way…
The “Angels of Death” are liars.

Never fall for their lies, they say clear but it’s a lie. they only steal weapons from defenseless civilians thinking that they could help them. that team earned the hatred of the survivors.


There are a lot of Witches on the damn ship!

You won’t count it if you fall into that hole.

you’re left for dead

C7M3 (Port)

Look Bill is your Sailboat, les find someting in there.
Doesn’t this boy look familiar to you?

God, it looks like something bad happened here, I knew it wasn’t a good idea to go in a separate group, he didn’t want to go with us, he was afraid of losing her

Life is not fair, we always have to lose someone special, it always happens.

The bridge block the way

You need to power the 3 generators to be able to make the bridge work.

Without the energy of those 3 nothing will happen.. of course, what can go wrong, not that it would happen that a generator stops working, right?

Those look too old, a little help wouldn’t hurt.

I mean: I’m an expert on that, it’s easy peasy

You have to fill it up just a little

Everything will be fine, I have a good feeling about this Bill.
Don’t let Louis come down, he’s got a broken leg. I should have it, why can’t you see it here?

Okay, let’s steel ourselves and jump in, ready?
You shoot and protect me, I’ll search and press the button, when I say “now” run as fast as you can to the bridge.


Teamwork in this part of life is worth a thousand times, you should never leave a partner alone, even more so if you know that they will not be able to achieve it.

Find the generator, it’s not far!

Why would I leave my great friend alone?


You can still make it, come on run!

There will always be someone behind, so watch your back. It may be that the one who wants to help you can harm you, it is always good to have communication
Don’t press the button until you’ve reached the bridge, if I fall leave me behind, alone if I don’t make it!


We safe, let’s keep our positions, let’s be silent. let’s keep an eye on the smokers although I think we’re too high for them, one way or another don’t lose your eyes.

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