LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: How To Earn Studs Fast

This guide will detail how to earn studs FAST.


1️⃣ How to Earn Studs

Studs are earned by doing just about anything in LEGO games. This includes destroying the LEGO environment/scenery, defeating enemies and earning combat combo bonuses, building objects when prompted, destroying the objects you built and rebuilding them, completing puzzles, and much more.

On top of actively hunting for studs, many studs just lay about along the main path and you’ll pick them up as you walk past. The point is to focus as much on earning studs as you do on the main objectives of a mission, always taking time to check every corner of an area for any stray studs. Additionally, any studs collected will repopulate after restarting a mission or returning to an area.

2️⃣ Stud Rarity and Value

  • Silver Studs: These are the most common studs. Silver Studs are worth 10 per stud.
  • Gold Studs: These are just slightly rarer than the Silver Studs, but still abundant throughout the game. Gold Studs are worth 100 per stud.
  • Blue Studs: These are rare, but can still be found in almost every area of the game. Usually hidden off the beaten path in the shadows or hard-to-reach spots. Blue Studs are worth 1,000 per stud.
  • Purple Studs: These are the rarest studs in the game. They are only found in hidden nooks and crannies of certain areas, or during missions in the place of Minikits after you have already collected them. Purple Studs are worth a whopping 10,000 per stud.

3️⃣ Best Level to Grind for Quick and Easy Studs

Some levels are better than others when it comes to grinding out studs. The following list focuses on levels that require less time to complete and are relatively straightforward in regards to progressing through the level and collecting studs without needing to stray from the main path.

Episode IV: A New Hope – Stay on Target:

This mission is essentially a shooting gallery in the trenches of the Death Star. The X-Wing you pilot utilizes the game’s auto-targeting very well, so all you need to do is keep shooting and not crash. The majority of your studs will come from destroying turrets and TIE Fighters. The Stay On Target mission can be completed in approximately 7 minutes and you can expect to earn upwards of 100,000 studs.

4️⃣ Attract Studs Upgrade

Under the Core Upgrades tree, you can find the upgrade “Attract Studs”. The upgrade makes it so that studs will fly to you when you are close enough. This will cut out all that time you spend running in circles to collect studs after destroying a bunch of scenery, or chasing that one stud that decided to slide down a ramp or staircase. There are three tiers to this upgrade, each increasing the distance at which studs will be attracted to you.

5️⃣ Unlock and Utilize Stud Multipliers

Stud Multipliers can be unlocked under the Extras tab in your holoprojector menu. These cost a large amount of studs and Datacards, but are absolutely worth it! The various multipliers are stackable, meaning you will earn 3,840 times more studs with all of the multipliers unlocked. To break that down further, these are the values of each stud with this multiplier:

  • Silver Stud: 38,400 per stud
  • Gold Stud: 384,000 per stud
  • Blue Stud: 3,840,000 per stud
  • Purple Stud: 38,400,000 per stud

As mentioned, these multipliers are a large investment, so it is recommended to work toward them early. Then, use the earnings from the first multiplier to purchase the second and snowball your stockpile from there.

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