LEGO® Star Wars™ The Skywalker Saga: How to Install Mods

Installing mods for games is always a plus, but it’s not always that easy to do. So next I will be showing you how to install mods for “Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” completely free and safely.



Is it safe to install mods?

Installing mods from the page that I will be showing you below is usually completely safe. It cannot be confirmed 100%, ’cause we are downloading files that can be uploaded by any user, but I have never heard complaints about viruses or performance drops due to downloading mods.

Is it bannable?

Steam and TT Games never ban users who use mods, and the main proof of this is how huge the modding community is.

Can I install mods on consoles?

No, it is currently an option only available on PC.

⬇️ Preparation

First, install Winrar if you haven’t yet. Then, go to Nexus Mods and create an account clicking on register.
Follow the steps on the page and complete the creation of your account.

Then, click on this link, click on “Manual Download” and select “Slow Download”.
What is this? This file is the one that modifies the game to allow you to run the mods you want. It’s necessary to have it in order to install them.

Go to the folder where the file has been downloaded, right click on it and select “extract to ScriptHook…”
Now that we have the file unzipped in a folder, let’s put it in the game folder.

Go to your game folder and put all the files inside the folder we’ve just created on it.

Finally, create a folder called “scripts” (without the quotes) inside the game folder.

We have the installation ready. Let’s install the mods (don’t close the game folder yet!).

📄 Mod Installation

Go to the Nexus Mods’ LSWTSS page and choose the mods you want to install. Click on them, press on “Manual Download” and then on “Slow Download”.
Go to the folder where the file has been downloaded, right click on it and select “extract to (file name)\”

Now, go to the game folder, go into the folder we created earlier called “scripts” and insert all the files from the mod folder on it.

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