Luck be a Landlord: Achievements Guide 100%

Here is a guide for getting all (or most) of the achievements in the game as quickly as possible. If time save/optimization isn’t a goal of yours then this may or may not be helpful. Go about getting the achievements how you would have the most fun doing it!


Category 1: Rent 1 Grind

Achievements in this category: Coal, Essence Capsule, Goose, Hustling Capsule, Magpie, Pinata

The quickest way to get these achievements is to just play rent 1 (and sometimes 2) and reset.

The strategy and priority order is as follows, as you go youll want to eliminate the symbols from the priority order once you get their respective achievement.
Pick 1: Coal > goose > toddler > any 1per
Pick 2: If you have coal, coal > goose > toddler > skip
Pick 3: If you have 2 coal, anything that could potentially give more than 1 > goose > toddler > skip
Pick 4: If you have 2 coal, anything that could potentially give more than 1 > goose > toddler > if you only have 1 1per from spin 1, magpie > skip
Pick 5 (uncommons): If you have 2 coal, the best symbol to get to rent 4 > If you have toddler, pinata > If you have 0 money, hustling capsule > essence capsule

At this point id recommend only continuing if you have 2 coal, in which case finish the achievement. Or if you have either a toddler or pinata, taking the other if you find it, if not then reset after paying rent 2.

Some of these achievements can be quite unlikely so if you’d prefer to go for them more passively while accruing wins, that also works, just will likely take a bit longer than if you were to reset for them.

Note: List of things that could potentially give more than 1 for the coal achievement (in rough priority order): Crow, bubble, 3 sided die, milk, bee, lightbulb, seed, oyster, anchor, dog, egg, toddler, monkey, banana, dwarf, beer, mouse, cheese, key, lockbox, miner, ore, crab, gambler, goose

Category 2: Normal (ish) Runs

Achievements in this category: Amethyst, Diver, Dove, Gambler, Geologist, Lockbox, Mine, Mega Chest, Mrs. Fruit, Pear, Pirate, Safe, Thief, Treasure Chest, Floor achievements, Essences, Defeat your landlord, Credits

Most of the achievements in here are fairly self explanatory, these should take you around 10-20 runs.

For gambler, as opposed to thief, gambler doesn’t have a common item to multiply its payout and there isn’t enough time to build it’s counter enough for the achievement. Because of this youll need some form of synergy. When you get an early gambler keep an eye out for the following synergies so you can get the achievement: Midas bomb, Mobius strip essence, Anthropology degree essence, Looting glove, Looting glove essence, Swapping device essence, Oil can, and Oil can essence. Other synergies can potentially help, but they are more inconsistent.

To get the mine achievement, you’ll want to look out for a mining pick item in your item choices so you only have to get 1 mine in the game rather than 2.

For all of the “chest” achievements, you’ll want to keep an eye out for lockpick to have an easier time getting these.

Open the credits at some point to get the “Credits” achievement

Note: If you haven’t finished the “Win a game on floor X” achievements you might want to do those during this category. Doing this should also get you the “Essences” achievement and the “Defeat your Landlord” achievement if you hadn’t received them yet.

Category 3: The Endless Run

Achievements in this category: All of the rest except wins and guillotine essence wins

For this section I will outline groups of achievements that work well to go for simultaneously. You will do these in an endless run, preferably on floor 1 to make it easier for yourself. The order of the groups doesn’t matter except for a couple of things you should do early in your run to start working on them which I will outline in the first group.

Any symbol that has prerequisites in the symbols needed section will be listed as SYMBOL X (P: Symbol y, symbol z, symbol a). In that case, only take symbol X after having symbols Y, Z, and A.

IMPORTANT TIP: Do not proc lucky cat essence ever as it is an irreversible effect and will make getting commons very difficult. When you get it, just disable it. Instead use a combination of the carrots, normal lucky cat, and rabbit fluff to fine tune your rarity odds to give you what you need. Also don’t take more than 1 of each carrot. While it is tempting, doing so will make getting specific rarities more difficult as you’ll have less fine tuning possible.

IMPORTANT TIP 2: On a spin when credit card procs, you can use symbol bombs and get all of the choices as if it were from credit card. This makes getting specific symbols WAY easier.

IMPORTANT TIP 3: Do not proc holy water essence ever for a similar reason to tip 1. It will make getting the hex achievements mostly impossible.

Group 1: Time Sensitive Stuff

Achievements: Item Capsule, Rabbit Fluff, Wine, Sand dollar
Symbols Needed: Rabbits, Dwarf, Bartender
Items Needed: Shedding Season, Lint roller (Optional), Conveyor Belt (Optional)

As Fluff and Wine achievements are based on Stats across all games they can take a while, thus I recommend starting them early in your endless run. Having a few rabbits, and then a bartender and a dwarf passively generating beer and wine drank as well as fluff shed while you go for the other achievements should help to get these done before the end of the run. Once you get the respective achievements you can then remove them of course.

Item capsule is in this section because its almost entirely RNG based and you will have to continue taking item capsules until you get the achievement. Anytime you have decent uncommon odds, be keeping an eye out for item capsules until you get the achievement.

Sand dollar is in this section simply to make it easier to find gray pepper essence. As soon as you see gray pepper essence for the first time, take it. Disable it until you find a sand dollar. Then, re-enable gray pepper essence and remove the sand dollar and you should get the achievement.

At this point I would recommend taking some time to get every item and essence (disabling all of them for minimal lag) so you can work on any group at any time rather than having to check what you will need for each group every time and determine if you’re able to do it. Instead of an Items Needed section, I will have any pertinent notes: including any notable items to enable or disable.

Group 2: Bubbles

Achievements: Bubble, Candy, Bar of Soap, Goldfish, Present, Robin Hood, Toddler, Pufferfish

Symbols Needed: Toddler, Goldfish, Dove, Pufferfish, Robin Hood, Pinata, Present (P: Toddler), Bar of soap (P: Dove, Toddler, Goldfish, Pufferfish), Apple (P: Toddler, Robin Hood)

Notes: For present, destroy it on the spin it will count down to 1. Previous spin will say 2.

Have 3 or more Bubbles Bubbles destroyed during a spin.
Have 8 or more Candy Candy.
Bar of Soap
Have a Bar of Soap Bar of Soap add 4 or more Bubbles Bubbles before being destroyed.
Have a Goldfish Goldfish and a Toddler Toddler share a Bubble Bubble.
Have a Present Present be destroyed 1 spin before the holidays.
Robin Hood
Have Robin Hood Robin Hood destroy an Apple Apple while it’s directly above a Toddler Toddler.
Have a Toddler Toddler destroy 6 or more symbols during a spin.
Have a Pufferfish Pufferfish adjacent to a Bubble Bubble that is destroyed during a spin.

Group 3: Spirits

Achievements: Big Urn, Spirit, Hooligan, Urn, Golem, Void Creature, Tomb

Symbols Needed: Hooligan, Beastmaster, Golem, Urns (P: Hooligan), Big Urns (P: Hooligan), Void Creature (P: Beastmaster), Tomb (P: Hooligan)

Notes: Enable undertaker and shrine to get relevant achievements, then disable. Conveyor belt will be helpful for tomb.

Big Urn
Destroy 2 or more Big Urns Big Urns during a spin.
Have 10 or more Spirits Spirits.
Have a Hooligan Hooligan destroy 3 or more symbols during a spin.
Destroy 2 or more Urns Urns during a spin.
Have a Golem Golem add a Spirit Spirit.
Void Creature
Have a Beastmaster Beastmaster adjacent to a Void Creature Void Creature that adds a Spirit Spirit.
Have a Tomb Tomb add 5 or more Spirits Spirits during a spin (without the help of Grave Robber Essence Grave Robber Essence).

Group 4: Animals

Achievements: Beastmaster, Bee, Snail, Owl, Sloth

Symbols Needed: Beastmasters, Bee, Snail, Owl, Sloth, Turtle

Notes: N/A

Have a Beastmaster Beastmaster increase the value of 5 or more symbols during a spin.
Have a Bee Bee give Coin 6 or more.
Have a Snail Snail give Coin 20 or more.
Have an Owl Owl give Coin 12 or more.
Have a Sloth Sloth adjacent to a Snail Snail and Turtle Turtle.


Achievements: Chick, Chicken, Egg, Golden Egg, Cheese, King Midas, Omelette, Removal Capsule, Reroll Capsule, Wealthy Capsule

Symbols Needed: Egg, Chick, Chicken, Golden Egg, Cheese, Milk, Omelette, King Midas (P: Golden Egg), Removal Capsule (P: Lots of symbols), Reroll Capsule (P: Lots of symbols), Wealthy Capsule (P: Lots of symbols)

Notes: N/A

Have a Chick Chick not grow into a Chicken Chicken for 12 or more spins.
Have a Chicken Chicken add an Egg Egg and Golden Egg Golden Egg during a spin.
Have an Egg Egg transform into a Chick Chick, grow into a Chicken Chicken, and lay an Egg Egg during a spin.
Golden Egg
Have a Golden Egg Golden Egg adjacent to an Egg Egg.
Have a Cheese Cheese adjacent to Milk Milk, Omelette Omelette, and Egg Egg during a spin.
King Midas
Have King Midas King Midas adjacent to a Golden Egg Golden Egg.
Have an Omelette Omelette give Coin 20 or more.
Removal Capsule
Have a Removal Capsule Removal Capsule not be destroyed 3 or more spins after adding it.
Reroll Capsule
Have a Reroll Capsule Reroll Capsule not be destroyed 3 or more spins after adding it.
Wealthy Capsule
Have a Wealthy Capsule Wealthy Capsule not be destroyed 3 or more spins after adding it.

Group 6: Bananas

Achievements: Banana, Banana Peel, Bounty Hunter, Coconut, Coconut Half, Monkey, Chef

Symbols Needed: Monkey, Thief (x2), Chef, Mrs. Fruit, Coconut, Banana

Notes: Use telescope/telescope essence when needed. For Monkey achievement swap the symbol monkey eats to be in the top left.

Have a Banana Banana add a Banana Peel Banana Peel that destroys a Thief Thief during a spin.
Banana Peel
Have a Banana Peel Banana Peel destroy 2 or more Thieves Thieves during a spin.
Bounty Hunter
Have a Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter destroy 2 or more Thieves Thieves during a spin.
Have a Monkey Monkey destroy a Coconut Coconut and destroy 2 Coconut Halves Coconut Halves during a spin.
Coconut Half
Have Mrs. Fruit Mrs. Fruit and a Monkey Monkey share a Coconut Half Coconut Half.
Have a Monkey Monkey destroy a symbol that has its value increased afterwards.
Have a Chef Chef increase the value of 5 or more symbols during a spin.

Group 7: Seeds

Achievements: Peach, Orange, Farmer, Rain, Apple, Seed, Strawberry, Void Fruit, Watermelon, Cherry

Symbols Needed: Farmer, Mrs. Fruit, Pirate, Seeds (Lots)

Notes: Adjust luck odds as needed by enabling/disabling carrots. Use compost heap at your own risk.

Have Mrs. Fruit Mrs. Fruit destroy a Peach Peach that adds a Seed Seed that grows into a Peach Peach.
Have Mrs. Fruit Mrs. Fruit and a Pirate Pirate share an Orange Orange.
Have a Farmer Farmer adjacent to a Seed Seed that grows into a Rare symbol.
Have a Rain Rain adjacent to a Seed Seed that grows into a Flower Flower.
Have 2 Seeds Seeds grow into 2 Apples Apples during a spin.
Have a Seed Seed grow into a Watermelon Watermelon (without the help of Fertilizer Essence Fertilizer Essence).
Have 2 Seeds Seeds grow into 2 Strawberries Strawberries during a spin.
Void Fruit
Have a seed seed grow into a Void Fruit Void Fruit that isn’t destroyed during the same spin.
Have 5 or more Watermelons Watermelons.
Have 3 or more Cherries Cherries adjacent to each other.

Group 8: Honey

Achievements: Bear, Beehive, Honey

Symbols Needed: Bear (x3), Beehive, Honey, Bees or Chefs

Notes: N/A

Have 3 or more Bears Bears destroy the same Honey Honey.
Have a Beehive Beehive add a Honey Honey that is destroyed by a Bear Bear during the same spin.
Have a Honey Honey give Coin 20 or more.

Group 9: Alcoholics

Achievements: Bartender, Martini, Dwarf, Beer, Miner, Dame, Chemical Seven, Anchor

Symbols Needed: Bartenders, Dame, Dwarf, Pirate, Diamond, Diver, Chef, Martini (P: Dame, Diamond, Dwarf), Beer (P: Pirate, Dwarf), Anchor (P: Diver, Pirate), Oyster (P: Diver)

Notes: For Dwarf achievement swap the drink into the top left slot of the reels and ensure a chef is adjacent to it

Have a Bartender Bartender add a Martini Martini.
Have a Martini Martini be destroyed while adjacent to a Dwarf Dwarf.
Have a Dwarf Dwarf destroy a symbol that has its value increased afterwards.
Have a Dwarf Dwarf and a Pirate Pirate share a Beer Beer.
Have a Beer Beer be destroyed while adjacent to a Miner Miner.
Have a Dame Dame destroy a Martini Martini while adjacent to a Diamond Diamond.
Chemical Seven
Destroy 3 or more Chemical Sevens Chemical Sevens during a spin.
Have a Diver Diver and Pirate Pirate share an Anchor Anchor.
Have an Oyster Oyster add 2 Pearls Pearls during a spin.

Group 10: Gems

Achievements: Big Ore, Diamond, Emerald, Light Bulb, Ore, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Shiny Pebble, Void Stone, Buffing Capsule

Symbols Needed: Geologist, Diver, Ore (Lots), Big Ore (Lots), Light Bulb (P: Lots of gems), Buffing Capsule (P: At least 2 amethysts)

Notes: Adjust luck odds as you destroy lots of big ore to get most of the achievements in this group.

Big Ore
Have a Big Ore Big Ore add 2 Rare symbols (without the help of X-ray Machine X-ray Machine).
Have 5 or more Diamonds Diamonds.
Add 2 or more Emeralds Emeralds during a spin.
Light Bulb
Have a Light Bulb Light Bulb increase the value of 5 or more symbols during a spin.
Have an Ore Ore add a Diamond Diamond (without the help of X-ray Machine Essence X-ray Machine Essence).
Have a Diver Diver and a Geologist Geologist share a Pearl Pearl.
Add 2 or more Rubies Rubies during a spin.
Have a Big Ore Big Ore add 2 Sapphires Sapphires during a spin.
Shiny Pebble
Have a Big Ore Big Ore add 2 Shiny Pebbles Shiny Pebbles during a spin.
Void Stone
Have a Void Stone Void Stone give Coin 50 or more.
Buffing Capsule
Have a Buffing Capsule Buffing Capsule adjacent to 2 or more Amethysts Amethysts or Pears Pears during a spin.

Group 11: Suits

Achievements: Spades, Hearts, Joker, Diamonds, Clubs, Card Shark

Symbols Needed: Spades (at least 5), Hearts (at least 5), Clubs (at least 5), Diamonds (at least 5), Joker, Card Shark

Notes: N/A

Have 5 or more Spades Spades.
Have 5 or more Hearts Hearts.
Have a Joker Joker increase the value of 5 or more symbols during a spin.
Have 5 or more Diamonds Diamonds (not the gem).
Have 5 or more Clubs Clubs.
Card Shark
Have a Card Shark Card Shark make 5 or more symbols wildcards wildcards during a spin.

Group 12: Hexes

Achievements: Hex of Destruction, Hex of Draining, Hex of Emptiness, Hex of Hoarding, Hex of Midas, Hex of Tedium, Hex of Thievery, Tedium Capsule, Witch, Frozen Fossil, Eldritch Creature

Symbols Needed: Hex of Destruction, Hex of Draining, Magpie, Hex of Emptiness, Hex of Hoarding, Hex of Midas, Hex of Tedium (P: Tedium Capsule last spin), Tedium Capsule, Lucky Capsule, Witch, Eldritch Creature, Frozen Fossil

Notes: Get all the hex achievements done before adding eldritch creature

Hex of Destruction
Have a Hex of Destruction Hex of Destruction trigger 3 spins in a row.
Hex of Draining
Have a Hex of Draining Hex of Draining increase the value of symbol.
Hex of Emptiness
Have a Hex of Emptiness Hex of Emptiness trigger 3 spins in a row.
Hex of Hoarding
Have a Hex of Hoarding Hex of Hoarding trigger 3 spins in a row.
Hex of Midas
Have a Hex of Midas Hex of Midas trigger 3 spins in a row.
Hex of Tedium
Add a Hex of Tedium Hex of Tedium from the choice after destroying a Tedium Capsule Tedium Capsule.
Hex of Thievery
Have a Hex of Thievery Hex of Thievery trigger 3 spins in a row.
Tedium Capsule
Have a Tedium Capsule Tedium Capsule and Lucky Capsule Lucky Capsule destroyed during a spin.
Have an Eldritch Creature Eldritch Creature destroy a Witch Witch.
Frozen Fossil
Remove a symbol to make a Frozen Fossil Frozen Fossil be destroyed faster.
Eldritch Creature
Add a symbol then immediately remove it to increase the value of an Eldritch Creature Eldritch Creature.

Group 13: Collections

Achievements: Bronze Arrow, Silver Arrow, Golden Arrow, Target, Jellyfish, Crab, Crow, Cultist, Highlander, Turtle

Symbols Needed: Bronze Arrow (at least 3), Silver Arrow (at least 3), Golden Arrow (at least 3), Target, Jellyfish, Crab (at least 5), Crow, Cultist (6), Highlander, Turtle

Notes: For highlander, tooltips are what show up when you hover over the symbol. Hover over it, then hover over the icon of it, then in the new one hover over the icon.. Repeat until you get the achievement

Bronze Arrow
Have 3 or more Bronze Arrows Bronze Arrows point to 0 symbols during a spin.
Silver Arrow
Have 3 or more Silver Arrows Silver Arrows point to 0 symbols during a spin.
Golden Arrow
Have 3 or more Golden Arrows Golden Arrows point to 0 symbols during a spin.
Have a Target Target be destroyed by a symbol that isn’t adjacent to it.
Remove a Jellyfish Jellyfish with a Removal Token Removal Token.
Have 5 Crabs Crabs in a row.
Remove a Crow Crow 1 spin before it would give Coin -3.
Have 6 or more Cultists Cultists.
Add 10 tooltips from the same Highlander Highlander.
Have a Turtle Turtle appear in the leftmost column during a spin, then appear in the rightmost column during the next spin.

Group 14: Destruction

Achievements: Midas Bomb, Key, Magic Key, Matryoshka Doll, Moon, Mouse, Ninja, Target, Wolf

Symbols Needed: Key, Magic Key, Moon, Ninja, Mouse, Wolf (3), Matryoshka Doll, Any chest (x2), Midas Bomb (P: Matryoshka, Moon, Wolf done)

Notes: N/A

Midas Bomb
Have a Midas Bomb Midas Bomb destroy more than 18 symbols during a spin.
Have a Key Key destroy 2 or more symbols during a spin.
Magic Key
Have a Magic Key Magic Key increase the value of a symbol that is destroyed by a Key Key.
Matryoshka Doll
Destroy a Matryoshka Doll Matryoshka Doll before it destroys itself.
Destroy a Moon Moon.
Have a Mouse Mouse destroy a Cheese Cheese while adjacent to a Ninja Ninja.
Have a Ninja Ninja in your inventory but not appear for 3 spins in a row.
Have 3 or more Wolves Wolves adjacent to the same Moon Moon.

Group 15: Big Number

Achievements: Cat, Wildcard, Time Capsule, Sun, Rabbit, Dog, Coin, Cow, Flower, Lucky Capsule, Milk, Breakfast

Symbols Needed: Cat (x2), Cow, Time Capsules, Sun (x19), Rabbit, Dog, Coin, Lucky Capsule

Notes: Flower achievement is 19 suns, 1 flower. Breakfast you can get by completely draining the essence pool (do so by disabling so you don’t activate them) and the pool ball essence will be the one you find afterwards.

Have a Cat Cat give Coin 999,999,999 or more.
Have 3 Wildcards Wildcards each give Coin 1,000,000 or more.
Time Capsule
Have a Time Capsule Time Capsule add a different capsule.
Have 3 or more Suns Suns adjacent to the same Flower Flower.
Have Rabbits Rabbits do 1,000 binkies across all games.
Pet the dog dog for 1 minute or more.
Have a Coin Coin give Coin 20 or more.
Have a Cow Cow add a Milk Milk that is destroyed by a Cat Cat during the same spin.
Have a Flower Flower give Coin 19,073,486,328,125 or more.
Lucky Capsule
Add a Common symbol from the choice after destroying a Lucky Capsule Lucky Capsule.
Have 2 or more Cats Cats share a Milk Milk.
Have 2 or more Pool Ball Essences Pool Ball Essences.

Group 16: Last Push

Achievements: Billionaire, General Zaroff, Comedian, Five-Sided Die, Three-Sided Die

Symbols Needed: General Zaroff, Gamblers, Five Sided-Die (P: At least 2 gamblers), Three-Sided Die (P: At least 2 gamblers), Comedian, Billionaires

Notes: Enable Mobius Strip. Using the symbol bomb credit card tip (see above) collect billionaires and then with telescope or essence the billionaires will count for both being guillotined and being killed by zaroff if you have full adjacency and guillotine enabled.

Guillotine Guillotine 500 Billionaires Billionaires across all games.
General Zaroff
Have General Zaroff General Zaroff destroy 1924 humans across all games.
Have a Comedian Comedian be destroyed by General Zaroff General Zaroff.
Five-Sided Die
Have a Five-Sided Die Five-Sided Die destroy 2 or more Gamblers Gamblers during a spin.
Three-Sided Die
Have a Three-Sided Die Three-Sided Die destroy 2 or more Gamblers Gamblers during a spin.

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