Luck be a Landlord: Simple Magpie Achievement Strategy

A quick guide for those having trouble with the Magpie achievement.



The Magpie achievement requires you to be 1 coin short of the rent payment on the same turn the a Magpie gives -1 coins. While it’s possible to get this through normal play the chance of it happening is quite small especially if you don’t often take bird tokens or items.

Taking a Magpie on turn 1 means the Magpie will pay out on the same turn as the first rent payment which will negate the achievement. For this reason the simplest way to get this achievement is to:

Turn 1 – Take a 1 coin value token, avoid RISKY** symbols
Turn 2 – Take the Magpie symbol, This is entirely down to luck and will take quite a few tries
Turn 3 – Take another 1 coin value token, avoid RISKY** symbols
Turn 4 and onward – Skip tokens and continue spinning until first rent payment

You will end up missing the first rent payment by 1 coin the turn before the magpie pays out, getting you the achievement.

**List of RISKY symbols**

These symbols interact with the starting symbols and could potentially ruin your achievement attempt. Avoid the symbols listed if possible. Also note you are taking a symbol with a coin value of 1, symbols like Bubble, coal, present or many Rare symbols will ruin the attempt.

Anchor – x5 value when it lands in the corner
Bee – Interacts with Flower
Crab – Only an issue if you take crab twice
Egg – Egg has a 10% chance to hatch every spin, if it does it will ruin the attempt
Goose – Has a 1% chance of adding a Golden Egg symbol, unlikely but could potentially happen
Light bulb – Interacts with starting pearl and other gems
Milk – Interacts with Cat
Owl – If taken first owl will pay off before the first rent payment
Oyster – Has a 20% chance of adding a pearl symbol
Seed – Has a 25% chance of growing into a fruit (or flower) which gives additional coins

SAFE Items

These items don’t interact with the starting symbols and should be safe to take as your 1 coin symbol option. Please keep in mind the natural interactions between symbols, Candy and Toddler are fine on their own but will interact with each other potentially ruining the run!

I’ve listed relevant interactions

Banana – Interacts with Monkey
Banana Peel
Beer – Interacts with Dwarf
Bounty Hunter
Candy – Interacts with Toddler
Cheese – Interacts with Mouse
Crab* – Only if you take one*
Dwarf – Interacts with Beer
Key – Interacts with Lockbox
Lockbox – Interacts with Key
Miner – Interacts with Ore
Monkey – Interacts with Banana
Mouse – Interacts with Cheese
Ore – Interacts with Miner
Shiny Pebble
Toddler – Interacts with Candy

Good luck!

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