Luck be a Landlord: Tier List for Symbol and Item

Tierlists of all the LBAL symbols and items by approximate average value. These are meant to factor in amount and likelihood of synergy and thus are rough estimates however playing according to these has worked out pretty well for me (70+% winrate floor 20) so I think at least a lot of it is close.

DISCLAIMER: These are just meant to be averages and run context will change the positions of symbols and items throughout the run. This is a good framework to consider decisions through however it is not meant to be the ultimate guide to winning as it doesn’t and can’t account for specific run context.


Symbol Tierlist

The symbol tierlist doesn’t include the symbols that destroy themselves due to not having a clear “average value”. My general rule of thumb is if the other symbols offered aren’t at least 0.5 per spin better than your current average, then skip. If you would skip though, often take the single spin symbols (like capsules or void symbols) instead.

Item Tierlist

Tierlist for all the items:

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