Luck be a Landlord: General Tips for Winning

Here are some general tips to win more games of Luck be a Landlord!

These tips have helped me to win over 70% of my games on Floor 20, hopefully they can help you improve also!


1. Don’t Force Anything

Don’t try to force any specific build. Getting a win with specifically (Insert any build here) is far less likely than just getting a win in general. Just play the run and play around what you get as you go.

2. Know When to Skip

Don’t be afraid to skip. While empties will gradually lose you value, the amount you’ll gain if you filled the slot with an uncommon rather than a common will easily exceed the amount you lose by keeping an empty around for slightly longer. That being said, you of course have to be careful to not get too greedy and lose early because of too many empties. You should get a feel for this as you play.

3. Value > Synergy

Synergy isn’t everything. While synergy is flashy and often incredibly fun, there are many cases in each run where the “boring” choice will be the better one. Anything that gives 2 or 3 per spin base is a great pickup, especially early. My rule of thumb is you should probably take 2pers if you’re making 30 per spin or less (1.5 per symbol average) and 3pers if youre making 50 per spin or less (2.5 per symbol average).

4. Less Symbols = More Consistency

Keep a small deck for consistency (if you can). Because only 20 symbols will show up on the slot machine, ideally you’ll always want to have your 20 highest value symbols. Generally when you get a removal token you’ll want to use it immediately. Any of the starting symbols besides cat are good removals if you don’t already have synergy for them.

5. Raise Floor rather than Ceiling

Play around the worst case rather than the best case. Some symbols have incredibly high ceilings, however in general the more consistent play is to prefer the symbols that have higher floors. In a similar vein, taking a variety of symbols rather than going “all in” on a single strategy is generally better because it gives you more chances to get synergy and win rather than just the few cases of the one strategy

6. Play Slowly and Have Fun!

Play slowly. Taking longer to think on each symbol and item decision will really help your play. Finally, practice and have fun. If you’re not having fun, take a break! The more frustrated you are the worse you’ll play. And then of course, the more you play the better you’ll get.

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