Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered: All Lab Puzzles Guide

This guide shows how to get the “A bit of a fixer-upper” achievement.


The location

Enter Otto’s lab, in Greenwich, and go left. Go to the computer with the blue wallpaper

Research 1

Research 2

Research 3

Research 4

Research 5

Research 6

Research 7

Research 8

Research 9

Research 10

The 2nd location

From the entrance, just go straight, and you will find this table. Now begin the Circuitry research.

Circuitry 1

Circuitry 2

Circuitry 3

Circuitry 4

Circuitry 5

Circuitry 6

Circuitry 7

Circuitry 8

Circuitry 9

Circuitry 10

By Lund

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