Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered: All Suits Guide

How to get every one of the Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered costumes.


Advanced suit

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something New

Requires: 1 x backpack, 2 x crime tokens

Power: Battle Focus – Lets you rapidly generate focus to either heal or take out enemies instantly with finishing moves.

Classic suit (damaged)

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something NewRequires: None (you get it automatically)

Power: None

Classic suit (repaired)

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something NewRequires: 2 x backpack, 2 x crime tokens

Power: Web Blossom – Lets you jump up in the air and web everything in sight, making it great for crowd control.

Noir suit

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something NewRequires: 2 x backpack, 1 x base tokens

Power: Sound of Silence – Enemies don’t call for backup once they’re alerted.

Scarlet spider

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something NewRequires: 3 x crime, 2 x landmark tokens

Power: Holo Decoy – Spawns multiple decoys that stun attacking enemies.

Spider armor Mk II suit

Unlocks at: Level 5Requires: 1 x landmark, 2 x research tokens

Power: Bullet Proof – Makes you temporarily bullet proof, even to snipers. Very handy for when you’re overwhelmed by ranged foes.

Secret War suit

Unlocks at: Level 7Requires: 2 x backpack, 1 x base, 2 x research tokens

Power: Arms Race – Lets out a blast that stuns enemies and disables weapons – again, exceedingly useful when you find yourself overwhelmed. Not in life, just…in the game.

Stark suit

Unlocks at: Level 10Requires: 1 x base, 3 x crime, 1 x research tokens

Power: Spider Bro power – Deploys the spider drone from the movie which helps you out in combat by zapping enemies with electricity.

Negative suit

Unlocks at: Level 11Requires: 1 x base, 2 x landmark, 1 x research tokens

Power: Negative shockwave – Unleashes a wave of negative energy to damage nearby enemies.

Electrically Insulated suit

Unlocks at: Level 13Requires: 1 x base, 1 x research, 3 x crime tokens

Power: Electric Punch – Surprise surprise, it lets you punch enemies with electrically-charged fists.


Unlocks at: Level 16Requires: 2 x backpack, 3 x crime, 2 x landmark tokens

Power: Rock Out – Makes Spider-Man whip out an electric guitar and stun enemies with soundwaves. Rad.

Wrestler suit

Unlocks at: Level 19Requires: 2 x backpack, 2 x base, 2 x research

Power: King of the Ring – Lets you web throw enemies without having to web them up first.

Fear Itself suit

Unlocks at: Level 21Requires: 2 x base, 6 x challenge, 3 x research tokens

Power: Quad Damage – Lets you temporarily deal massive damage to nearby enemies.

Stealth (“Big Time”) suit

Unlocks at: Level 23Requires: 2 x base, 4 x challenge, 3 x landmark tokens

Power: Blur Projector – Creates a bubble that completely conceals you from enemies’ vision as long as you stay inside it.

Spider Armor MK III suit

Unlocks at: Level 27Requires: 2 x base, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Titanium Alloy Plates – Reflects all bullets back at enemies (except sniper rounds).

Spider-Man 2099 Black suit

Unlocks at: Level 29Requires: 2 x base, 2 x crime, 4 x research

Power: Low Gravity – Lets you decrease gravity while in the air, especially useful for yanking enemies into the air for endless aerial attacks as long as it’s active. Paired with the perk that lets you deal more damage while airborne if you really want to hurt your foes.

Iron Spider suit

Unlocks at: Level 31Requires: 3 x base, 3 x challenge, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Iron Arms – Four iron spider legs will spring from your back and help you out in battle, even knocking back enemies with melee weapons without needing to break their block.

Velocity suit

Unlocks at: Level 33Requires: 2 x backpack, 2 x landmark, 4 x challenge tokens

Power: Blitz – Lets you sprint at incredible speeds and run into enemies, sending them flying with all your momentum.

Spider Armor MK IV suit

Unlocks at: Level 35Requires: 4 x base, 4 x challenge, 3 x landmark tokens

Power: Defence Shield – Deploys energy shields that absorb all damage, great for when you’re in the thick of battle.

Spirit Spider

Unlocks at: Level 37Requires: 6 x base, 6 x challenge, 6 x crime tokens

Power: Spirit fire – Summons waves of blue flame that set enemies on fire. Plus it looks awesome.

Spider-Man 2099 White suit

Unlocks at: Level 39Requires: 4 x base, 4 x challenge, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Concussion Strike – Sends enemies flying with every hit.

Vintage Comic Book suit

Unlocks at: Level 41Requires: 4 x backpack, 4 x challenge, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Quips – Spider-Man blurts out funny remarks when he’s fighting bad guys.

Last Stand suit

Unlocks at: Level 45Requires: 20 x crime (yes, really) tokens

Power: Unrelenting Fury – Enemies can’t block your attacks even if they have shields.


Unlocks at: 100% the entire gameRequires: None

Power: Equaliser – Everyone goes down in one hit…including you. Well, you’re in your underpants, what did you expect?!

Homemade suit

Unlocks at: Finish the first backpack missionRequires: Find every single backpack in the city

Power: None

Dark suit

Unlocks at: Finish all the Black Cat StakeoutsRequires: Find all the Black Cat Stakeouts

Power: None

ESU suit

Unlocks at: Level 50Requires: Find all 50 secret photos

Power: None

Anti-Ock suit

Unlocks at: Last mission, Pax in BelloRequires: None

Power: Resupply – Continuously refills the current equipped gadget’s shots and looks really frickin’ cool.

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