Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered: All Secret Photo Ops Locations

Snap these hidden landmarks to earn yourself a suit.



  • A gold leprechaun on the upper right hand corner of a brick building
  • A statue of a woman in a tree-filled square.
  • The Auerbach movie theater sign.
  • Caged tennis courts by the pier.
  • A wire sculpture overlooking the bay.
  • A flower mural on the outside of a coffee shop.
  • The Statue of Liberty in the distance.
  • A brass bulldog statue in a city square.


  • Statue of a woman surrounded by flowers outside a clinic.
  • First and Last Day movie billboard on a street corner.
  • A big oval shaped pond in a square.
  • The sign for Leo’s pizzeria.
  • A decorative stone gate that leads onto the road bridge.
  • Graffiti of a Rottweiler on a concrete floor.
  • The Chinatown police precinct sign.
  • A graffiti mural of the Rhino.


  • A mural of J. Jonah Jameson as a baby.
  • A pride flag on the side of a building by a fire escape.
  • New York Modern Art gallery.


  • A high-up clock face near the top of a skyscraper.
  • A single tree in a circular courtyard.
  • An ornate carp mural in an open city square.


  • A statue of a man in a square by the south-west entrance to Central Park.

  • A skull and crossbones pirate flag mural on the side of a building overlooking the water.

  • The Nelson and Murdock Associates office sign.

  • A Vulture graffiti mural overlooking a raised walkway.


  • The written Oscorp on the floor by the entrance to the Oscorp Security building.

  • One of two gazebos located in the park.

  • A statue of two birds taking flight.

  • A memorial tower with pillars around the outside.

  • A New York Fire Department fire engine in an alley.


  • An old bunker with a US flag waving above it.

  • A small castle by the water.

  • An engraved obelisk in a small open square.

  • A small covered jetty with some boats floating around it.


  • Public library with banners for Greek Myths: Ancient Tales of Heroes exhibition.

  • A circular fountain surrounded by an eight-pointed star in an arcade below street level.

  • The Black Wing Tavern sign.

  • Latin American Museum on the north-eastern edge of Central Park.


  • A pillared building with two eagle statues outside.

  • A graffiti mural on a wall by the side of the road.

  • A gravestone with a church-like spire.

  • Uncle Ben’s grave.

  • The front of the church near the graveyard.

  • A graffiti mural of three Eyes of Providence on a rooftop.

  • Pale Horse Ridez motorcycle shop in a back alley.

  • The closed off Harlem Sanitarium.

  • A statue in a square by the north-west entrance into Central Park.

  • The Osborne for Mayor campaign office just off the main street.

  • A greenhouse in a tucked away city garden.


If you take a picture of all 50 Secret Photo Ops you’ll unlock the ESU, or Empire State University, suit.
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