No Man’s Sky: Easy Units and Nanites From the Start

This guide will show you how to get millions of units and thousands of nanites after just completing a few of the main quest parts. tl:dr provided at the end.



I have farmed mobos, mined activated indium, feed Cronus for hours just to realize all you need is just some good old anarchy to get rich easy in NMS.

All you need for this is to progress your main quest to the point you get to the anomaly and have created the most basic shack with a teleporter.

Step by Step: Early on

Starting from a new save file you need to progress the basic quest to the point you can access the anomaly space station.

  • Repair your Ship
  • Construct a base (You don’t need anything more than a teleporter and a power suply)
  • Travel to a new star system and follow the quest up to the point you can enter the anomaly

This guide wants you to mine and farm as less as possible so you are mainly limited early on your supply of carbon, you are a pacifist you don’t want to fight anything, what you do want to do is talk to people to learn words and practice your skills to see if you can get a few nanites on the way in order to get a scan module from the local space station that will help you make some money early on.

Ideally you will visit the fewest planets you need in order to progress the main quest, but as soon as you land (scan from the sky before landing to see if a building is nearby with a landing path) start scanning every rock, plant and worm you see on the way to your objective. with a good module this will give you money, but more importantly uploading your finds will give you nanites, if you can find all the animals you can get a good nanite bonus, but its not really worth it to look for esoteric creatures that are only seen once every millennia on the south pole of the planet during a total solar eclipse… you can check what you miss in the discoveries menu.

On the subject of animals… if you happen to see a giant worm, don’t try to scan it, it’s not possible to do it despite showing a red dot like any other creature and it does not count towards the total of creatures in that system.

You need to make some money before getting to the point you wanna be, a good source are the egg on abandoned buildings, don’t fight the bugs, just steal their eggs and run.

Another important part is, if you see a stranded ship, claim it for salvage no matter how bad it is, you don’t need to repair shields or weapons, just the booster to take off (and engine if you don’t want to take too long to get to the station)

If you are lucky the ship will have an S class module, before scrapping the ship you can repair it and transfer it to your main ship.

In order to repair it you need some materials like chromatic metal and wiring looms, you could go looking for cooper in some planet but you ain’t really a miner… buy it from other ships in the space station, all you need you can buy from the station, perhaps not in one system but you will visit at-least 3 stations before getting to your destination. All but carbon, so start killing all plants you see because you want C for warp cells.

All in all at this point all you need:

  • Antimatter Housing (Oxygen, Ferrite Dust)
  • Antimatter (C+ refined from Carbon, Chromatic Metal)
  • Sodium (get all you can)

You don’t need to upgrade your multi-tool, no need of advanced mining, don’t have to make a boldcaster, if you want some comfort you could buy mobility modules and life tanks from the stations but you can continue without getting anything else.

Space anomaly

You made it here, you are almost done.

In the space anomaly you will find all kind of wacky characters, 2 of them will give you nanites for all the rocks you scanned. what you really need in here is the commercial scanner upgrade for your ship, you need 150 nanites for it.

Get it, install it, so long space anomaly you got all you need to make money now.

Go to galaxy map, look around nearby stars until you see this:

Because you wanted to make money ASAP, your ship will suck and need several jumps to get there, if you got the materials mentioned in the previous section you can make warp cells to get there. Each jump you make is good, its an opportunity to buy space slots for your suit for cheap once per space station.

Once you reach the skull system you are home, welcome to the Outlaw lands.

Making nanites

In the outlaw systems the space station got a seller of contraband items.

You can buy suspicious weapon and technology packs for units, unpack them and sell the modules to the other seller in the station for nanites, about 4k nanites for 10 modules, they vary in price.

The seller replenish over time its stock, if you want to make nanites more efficiently locate several outlaw sectors and create a rotation around them, teleporting to buy and sell the packages. In my opinion this is the fastest and less tedious way to make nanites.

You need money, about a mill or two per station, not to worry you can make money fast here too.

Making money

At this point your ship is trash, sell all you have to make room, keep the sodium to recharge shields if you are unlucky.

Not to worry is not like there is gonna be actual fighting, to make money you look for packs of freighters and burst all their loads…

They can fight back somewhat so take out their weapons before going for the containers.

The big belly thing under the ship is the most dangerous so go for it first. because its an outlaw system there is no law to penalize you, its kinda in the name, also its is a victimless crime as nobody dies from this slight piracy so there is no consequences at all for your crimes, congrats you are a no man’s sky politician.

Just be careful to not shoot the small 1 container freighters or you will become a murderous monster and loose standing with the dominant system species.

If there is no popo and the ships cannot really defend themselves why do you need sodium? fugitive ships spawn randomly and tend to go to you while you are looting the whales, they are not hard and killing them rewards good standing, so you not only are looting them but they will also like you for it.

Once you are full and/or bored its time to sell your bounty, go to the space station and teleport.

Nobody wants a pirate so you cannot teleport to a space station in a law abiding system, luckily your shack is accessible and from there you can go to a space station and sell contraband goods for good price. because my ship was not upgraded I got bored after six freighters and ended up with only 40 some millions, but with a good ship you can make about 100 an hour.

Important: Frigate upgrade modules are hard to get, don’t sell those to get money.

Now just upgrade to a better ship, outlaw system got a good ratio of solar ships, they are fast and agile and a S one is not expensive.

Remember if you got some good module in your crap ship you can transfer it to the new one.

It seems to me S class ships happen quite regular in these systems, you can buy them and scrap, you wont get all the cash back but you can get sell-able S modules for nanites or your own use and storage upgrade modules for your ship.

I hope this guide was of use to you, go do some piracy, get an S class freighter and enjoy? the rest of NMS…


Get to outlaw sector and blow freighters.

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