No Man’s Sky: How to Use Star Bulb to Get Nanites

In this guide, I will walk through how to use star bulb to get you up to tens of thousands of nanites.


Getting Star Bulb

Okay, you wanna make a bunch of nanites, so you came to this guide for help. Luckily, I got your back. To start, you need some trusty star bulb. You might be wondering: Well, how do I get it? You can find star bulb on bountiful or lush planets. To find these planets you simply need to warp to a system and scan a planet in space. The little resource bar will pop up and if it has star bulb, you’re good to go. Next you should go to the planet and fly overhead to spot some star brambles, which is where star bulb comes from. I recommend doing this at night, because star brambles glow in the dark. Once you have gathered some, you can continue to gather more or make a star bramble farm. Once you have as much as you like, (I recommend at least 200+) you can move on to step two.

This is star bramble

Cooking Time

For this next step, you will need a nutrient processor. How do I get that? To get a nutrient processor, you will first need to go to the space anomaly. Then, use 10 salvaged data at the construction research terminal to get the processor. I would recommend setting up at least 3 of these at your base to maximize efficiency, but its up to you. This will be your first boring part of the strategy because processing things takes a while. You need to process all of your star bulbs into pilgrim berries, then all your pilgrim berries into pilgrim tonics. I would recommend listening to music or watching something in the background to pass the time. Just don’t get too comfy, you can only process up to 50 pilgrim berries at a time. (Pilgrim tonic isn’t as much of a problem). Once your inventory has enough tonic, It’s time for the final step.

A nutrient processor

Getting Critiqued by Cronus

Now that your pilgrim tonic is ready, you must return to the anomaly to talk to Cronus. Cronus is an iteration found on the right side of the anomaly. When you talk to him, you can offer him your food to get nanites. Each item you give can yield from 0 nanites to triple the nanites of the average value. (I’m not certain if triple is true, if you know exactly please leave a comment.) Another boring part of this method arises, because you can’t bulk critique. This may seem frustrating, but it is because of the fluctuating critiquing values that can’t be compensated for if there was bulk critiques. But at least Cronus’ stomach is bigger than the entire Euclid galaxy, because no matter how much food you give him, he can always critique more.

This is what Cronus looks like

Why is This Method Good?

This may not be the best method of getting nanites, but its a solid one. This is because of two main reasons:

  • No “Downsizing”

When ingredients are put in a nutrient processor and come out in a smaller quantity, that’s what I call “downsizing”. For example: Say I have 50 of an item, put it in a processor, and it came out as 25 of another item. Then I do it again and only get 5 of the final item, that’s downsizing. That’s not the case for star bulb. 50 star bulb turns into 50 pilgrim berries, which turn into 50 pilgrim tonics.

  • The Nanite Yield

The first time I went to Cronus with this method, I brought 750 pilgrim tonics. When I gave him my first one, he said it was average. An “average” tonic got me 40 nanites. I brought 750. 750 x 40 is 30000 nanites. That’s not even taking into account critique fluctuations. Think about it, only 750 star bulb gives you that!

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