No Man’s Sky: Expediton 7 Walkthrough

This is as close to a PACIFIST run as you can get; we are NOT fighting PIRATES. We are NOT fighting Sentinels. Both of those activities can get you killed.

Second note: This would NOT be possible without the AWESOME NMS players that build fantastic helper bases.


Preface (FACTS)

  • Your are a pre-cracked egg, any bump = LOOP
  • Aggressive Fauna CAN attack you underground = LOOP
  • Before you get to your ship a LOOP is no big deal!
  • Milestones will be referred to as Ix-Mx for Iteration x = number – Milestone x = number

Thank You Notice

This guide would NOT be possible without the AWESOME NMS players that build fantastic helper bases.

Begin Expedition

Load any existing save and DISABLE multiplayer. Now exit to Mode Select.

Select a new save, choose Expedition and wait for the game to load you in.
Once in the game, please DIE, boosting straight up and falling into a cliff.

Reload your newest save, should have 0:00 time.
Once reloaded, check the area, look for:
1 Red paw prints
2 Di-hydrogen
3 Location of ship
(head on a swivel)

At this stage NOTHING changes if you die on your way to your ship, just reload.
You should take this time to view your surroundings to make sure it is a relatively easy path to your ship (eg not a severe up or down hill).

***Every LOOP changes YOUR spawn location to your ship. You ship does not change location.


1 Perform an autosave BEFORE taking off
2 Never view inventory unless IN ship
3 If forced to go down steep hill, use zig-zag method
4 DO NOT use melee boost jump
5 DO NOT use blue jetpack surge plants
6 Red paw print fauna, shoot on sight (after I2-M5)
7 When pirates scan/attack, summon Anomaly
8 Always install Exosuit SHIELD upgrades (3 in tech, 3 in normal)
9 Hazard protection upgrades are the REFILLABLE type. (If you get one that is not, install it and scrap to collect useful materials)

Expedition Route

Starting: Rowland-Desk (Christole Oich)
Pirate: Toympiae III (Rocyreusis XVII)
AP1: Cebrac-Eliwyn (Ennect)
AP2: Romestovot (Alecapae Beta)
AP3: Uffanymo III (Rora 15/J5)
AP4: Chistor-Olev XIII (Haumeadl M26)
AP5: Sophis (Kaok 84/O4)

Head To Your Ship

Make you way to your ship, try to immediately collect 60+ carbon.
Quickly craft one set of Creature Pellets (5)

Our first but not our last, DANGEROUS milestone I2-M5 (Iteration two, Milestone five)
While en route to your ship you must locate an aggressive animal (red paw print, two types on starting planet).
The two-legged Strider is the easiest. While walking towards it, shoot it with your mining beam for just a quick burst. This makes the Strider stretch their neck out and won’t attack for a good 1 to 1.5 seconds. Hold your “e” key while approaching until you see the animation of you dropping the food pellet.

Now let go of “e” but immediately hold “e” again until you have the choice to adopt.
Choose 1 to adopt. Hold tab to dismiss the notification. I use the quick menu and dismiss the pet. That way if any other fauna approach, just shoot them, see GR6.

— It’s critical to get this milestone out of the way —
— We are in a good spot to LOOP if anything goes awry —

***Do not claim any rewards, we are still in the “Britney -oops I did it again” phase. If we die before we get to our ship, no stress. Simply reload and try again.

Keep collecting carbon when you aren’t collecting Di-hydrogen

Try to get, min:
80 Di-hydrogen
200 Carbon

You made it to your ship – YAY!!

Repairing You Ship

Claim I1-M4 (Iteration one, Milestone four)
Claim I1-M2
Craft 2 Di-hydrogen Jelly’s
Refine 30 Condensed Carbon
Refine 50 Pure Ferrite

Before you leave, scan all 5 fauna and claim 100%

At the Space Station

Clean up your inventory, move items to keep into your ship

Oxygen (fill to ~500)
Ferrite Dust (fill to ~500)

Sell the rest
Claim I2-M5 & sell rewards
Optional: keep the 150 Ancestral Memories

14 Life Support Gel
24 Ion Battery’s
10 Metal Plating
9 Di-hydrogen Jelly (back room)
100 Cobalt
100 Magentised Ferrite

1 Cargo slot (5k)

Learn Words
3 Vy’keen
1 Gek
2 Korvax

Memory Fragments

Expand all memory fragments, install good ones and sell (for nanites) junk ones.

Visit Polo #1

Leave the station , summon the Anomaly and talk to Polo
Claim I1-M3 (Observing the Cycle)
Build Solar Ray

Buy 1 Cargo slot (in back area)

Claim I1-M1 (Remembrance)
Claim I1-M8 (Cycle Observed)
Claim I2-M8 (Perpetuity)

Save scum* the Weapon memory fragment until you get what you want. The only thing you might have to kill are the automated defense drones (orbs) on a Derelict Freighter. The mining laser works fine for killing fauna.

Save scum* the Inventory memory fragments (5)
You want SHIP and EXOSUIT and only 1 Multi-tool
(Note: this may not really work so don’t fret)

Define: Save scum: Perform a save (auto or manual), perform an action, if desired results, continue. If not then reload save and repeat.

Doing Polo’s Job

Exit the Anomaly and fly to the planet outside the Space station: Mezuenus Uttsu
Land anywhere but NOT at someone’s base.

There are NO aggressive fauna. Scan 100% fauna and claim discovery bonus. You should have 3k nanites.
Claim I4-M6 (Cluster Horde)

Place your refiner and:
Refine Jelly’s and craft 10 Launch Fuel.

Refine 250 Oxygen into 125 Condensed Carbon

Let’s collect some Ancestral Memories: (200 turn in amount)
Try to find a cluster of 3 to 5 fauna and toss out a pellet.
Note: don’t simply feed one fauna, using the quick menu you can pop out a pellet and feed/draw in several nearby fauna.

After you collect the Ancestral memories from a group of fauna TWICE, they will kind of stay put. Go find another group of fauna nearby and drop a pellet. Now you can collect double the memories and kind of stay busy while waiting for the cool-down.

***Make sure to collect 50 more than the turn in amount. eg 250, 450,

Now lets harvest (w/Solar Ray) some Liquid Sun: (250 turn in amount)
Find a nearby deposit and instead of using your Terrain manipulator, use your Solar Ray. It will drain fast so recharge the Solar Ray with sodium. Note you can also scrap the Solar Ray and rebuild it to refill it. That’s why you bought the extra MF and Cobalt.

***Make sure to collect 32 more than the turn in amount. eg 282, 482,

Make sure you can turn in a total of FIVE (5) to Polo.
So 1050 Ancestral Memories
— OR —
1282 Liquid Sun
— OR —
Any combination that gives you 5 turn ins.

Now kill the same type of fauna until you have a stack of 10 meat (or more). Do not alert the Sentinels!

Visit Polo #2

Fly back to the Anomaly and turn in your items to Polo

Claim I1-M5 (Bounds Testing)
Claim I5-M3 (Partners in Time)

Install your Hyperdrive & refuel
DO NOT install any Hyperdrive upgrades.. yet. Keep them if you get one from a memory fragment, just don’t install it yet.

Here We Go!

Note: The first time you open your galaxy map the game tells you about the Atlas and gives you a path. Switch it back to the Expedition path once the animations complete.

Follow the expedition path and warp to Toympiae III

Land at the Space Station

Learn words from:
2 Gek’s
1 Korvax

Claim I2-M4 (Universal Language)
Sell your items

Take the last mission: “Safely Deliver GrahGrah” from the mission giver; the Gek in the Hauler ship.

Yar Matey!

Leave the station, make sure the “Deliver Goods” mission is active.
Warp to Rocyreusis XVII for mission.
Land at Space Station

If you do not have a HEAT hazard protection upgrade:
Buy a “B” class HEAT upgrade for 1690 nanites and install
— GR9 —

Leave the Space Station and fly to the marker.
Deliver the GrahGrah to complete the mission and make a save.

Storm Crystals


I’ve gone through this very route more than 10 times and I have NEVER seen any dangerous weather. Meaning no tornado’s or lightning. However that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Please stay alert, if you get any weather related notifications on your get in your ship IMMEDIATELY!

So now we wait, in your ship until a storm happens. Give it about 15 to 20 seconds (the storm crystals take a few seconds to form), hop out and look for Storm crystals. Using your visor they are a yellow lightning bolt icon. Once you see them, continue:

Fly your ship to a cluster of 3 or more. DO NOT WALK
Land and collect them. Now fly your ship to a cluster of 3 or more. Collect them, back in your ship and make a save.

Claim I3-M4 (Calcified Echoes)

Units, Eggs & Freighter, oh my

Fly back to the Space Station
Sell the Storm Crystals

Use the station teleporter and go to CaptHarpo’s Base
“Safe eggs, crashed freighter, pirate system”

This base is GREAT, allows you to safely collect eggs.
Once done, wait for the swarm to subside and fly to the nearby crashed freighter. Activate the Distress ball.

Fly back to the station and turn in the “Deliver Goods” mission.

Anchor Point 1 (finally)

Select Anchor Point 1 milestone and warp
Immediately land at the Space Station

Sell your contraband
Claim I4-M3 (Hot Pursuit)
Sell all

So we went from 100k to over 10 million units

Chromatic metal (both terminals)

Open all memory fragments
See GR8 & GR9

Sell junk upgrades for nanites

If you don’t have a COLD hazard protection, BUY a “B” for 1690 nanites.
— GR9

Obtain the following material:
16 Ancestral Memories (should already have 50, right???)
40 Gold
30 Chromatic Metal

Locate and land at Anchor Point 1

Claim I1-M6 (Anchor Point 1)

Ambush #1

Build Memory Resonator and scan (might have to scan twice)

(remember the gold)

Locate and fly close to marker (your marker will most likely be in a different location)


Switch your visor from scan to normal (3) and hopefully locate the actual grave marker. Highlight it and then fly and land as close to as you can.

If you walk the last 100 u (why? I told you NOT to), CALL IN YOUR SHIP so it’s right next to you!

*** You WILL be ambushed by 6 Biological Horrors ***

Activate the grave marker and then jump on top of your ship, now hold TAB to clear the notification and enter your ship.
Remember GR1 (yes I need you to make an auto save)

Fly back to the station, expand memory fragments. Install good ones and sell the junk ones for nanites.

Purchase an “S” class Hyperdrive for 5640 nanites and install

Anchor Point 2

Select Anchor Point 2 milestone
Leave the Space Station and follow expedition path

Land at Space Station
BUY Ferrite Dust and Oxygen

Locate and land at the Portal

Activate the Memory Resonator, make sure you have a marker

Fly close to the marker and land
Place a base computer and build 15 small floor panels

Use the refiner to convert 500 Oxygen to 500 Carbon
Once done with floor, convert to Condensed Carbon

Locate grave marker and land very close.

Um, doesn’t have to be THAT close 😉

Fly back to Space Station and install the Inventory memory fragments.

Leave the station and summon your Freighter
Land in it

Claim I2-M3 (The Anchor)
Now transfer misc items to Freighter

Anchor Point 3

Select Anchor Point 3 milestone and warp. It should take you two jumps

Land at the Space Station

At this point I have 8 Launch Fuel
Buy Uranium and store a stack in your ship

Fly to the marker, locate and land at Anchor Point 3

Activate the Memory Resonator, make sure you have a marker
Fly close to the marker and land

Locate grave, fly and land activate memory

Claim I3-M2 (Obsession)
Craft Memory Fragment
Use crafted fragment
Claim I3-M5 (Self Improvement)

Leave the planet and summon your Freighter and land in it. Hop out and claim all available milestones

Extract all memories
Eat the meat you stored until your HUD shows “Health Maximum”.

Transfer the extra items to Freighter
***DO NOT OPEN Suspicious Packet (Goods)

Clean and store items so that your inventory looks like:

Anchor Point 4

Select Anchor Point 4 milestone, leave the Freighter and warp. It should be 1 jump away

Land at the Space Station, make an autosave by exiting your ship
Now make a second autosave
Just like when you were washing your hands for COVID, sing Happy Birthday three… nah I’m just messin with ya. Do wait a good couple of seconds.
Now reload the autosave.

QUESTION: Why are we doing this?
ANSWER: We are going to use the teleporter to travel to a base in THIS system. Unless we reload the teleporter listing will have bases from Anchor point 3. We don’t want any of those.

Don’t let it!

If at any point you get sucked into a tornado
Hold the {ALT} key and press {F4} <- this is why
we are always making saves.

Restart and reload your save.

Let’s Nuke Some Sentinels

If at any point you get sucked into a tornado
Hold the {ALT} key and press {F4} <- this is why
we are always making saves.

Restart and reload your save.

Access the Space Station teleporter and travel to “Anclaje 4 Exp 7 Pillar Sentinela” base.

This is a no frills base, so stay ALERT, make saves always and remember warning above.

If a storm occurs while you are doing this, GET IN YOUR SHIP and WAIT it out!

Just walk over to the Pillar controls and choose option 2, then 4 to exit.
Shoot any barrels you see, walk over to the waypoint and make a manual save.
Confirm the manual save (if you choose Quit to Mode Select you can tell if only a couple of seconds have past since your last save). Now reload the manual save.

You need to do this 4 times, each cycle should kill 5 sentinels and we need 20 kills.

***Use patience during this, we are nearly done with this dangerous killer event.

Once you have earned the I4-M5 (Purneum Dreams), make another manual save.

Quickly get back in your ship.

Anchor Point 4 (for real)

Select Anchor point 4 and fly to the marker. By traveling from this base you literally fly past the marker and right to the portal.

Activate the Memory Resonator, make sure you have a marker
Fly close to the marker and land

Locate grave, fly and land, activate memory


When you leave you most likely WILL be ambushed by 3 strong Living ships.
— OR —
You can be ambushed after your next jump.

When (if) you are, simply call in the Anomaly

Call in Freighter, claim all milestones and transfer
items to Freighter

All we have is Iteration 5 – Nice job!

Anchor Point 5

Select Anchor Point 5 and warp
Locate and land at Anchor Point 5

Claim I5-M1 (AP5)
Now use Memory Resonator

Fly close to the marker and land

Locate grave, fly and land, activate memory


Select milestone: A Shattered Past

Derelict Freighter

Slowly fly out into space, once past planet use pulse engine and watch for notice and stop
once you get the notice.

Land on Derelict freighter

***Refuel your ship Thrusters!

Take your time.
***When you take damage, RETREAT and try to stand next to heater until your shield recharges. Let’s not die now, okay?
Doorways with dark blue/purple markers above ARE NOT a way forward.

1st room, obtain credentials <- MUST

Collect all Dust in the next room
Next room, open doorway is up and to the left.
You should be able to walk by sentinel orbs
Next room, go up and to the left
Take ladder down
Up and to the right
Next room is straight ahead
Enter room go up and right and access terminal
Obtain schematic

Turn on teleporter and exit freighter.

Get back to your ship, leave and fly to the space station
We NEED to save!

Whale? in Space?

Craft the Whalesong Flute

(don’t be like me, have all your material ready, you do right?)

Fly out of space station a little ways, active flute
Fly to marker and answer message
Once you are talking to the Leviathan
Press 2, 2, 1

Wait for FAKE death loop screen

Reload save, summon ship, hop in and out…


Now that you’ve completed Exp 7, if you die you will still have to reload your save except NOTHING will be lost. You may have to walk to your ship if the thrusters are too low to take off. But your inventory is not touched.

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