Phasmophobia: How to Mess With your Friends with Every Cursed Object

This guide is to talk about how to mess with your friends with every object, from the music box to the ouija board


The music box

The music box is one of the harder to spot objects and can be 50/50 with how effective it can be.

The first thing to do is spawn with your friends and get a flashlight and run to the house and look around.

if you find it do not give your friends a warning and start playing it, hope that one friend messes up and dies. now you can laugh at the dead body.

Voodoo Doll

A voodoo doll is a more common object and can trigger a event or a hunt.

the same thing as the music box, spawn and get to work looking at each bed and other places it can be, find it and start stabbing it. if it starts to hunt go into a closet instead of a locker (its more safe).

kill your friend that probably does the most work and get the ghost wrong!


The most iconic thing you will ever see, the oujia board!

Most of the time its in the basement , as soon as you see it take it to your friends and say “can we play hide and seek” and then hide.

lets hope that your friend didn’t hear it in time and sadly dies, laugh at them and then die in the next 10 seconds because of your sanity.

Black Mirror

Mirror can be the most inconsistent object because you dont need to use it for the whole duration.

Find it and then hold mouse button 2 and then hide, like with the ouija board hope that your friend die.


Cards are pretty hard to see and can be weird to use.

Spawn in and then check every table for the phone shaped cards, then use it until you get death, demon or witch. hang man works if you want to die your self.

kill your friend and then do it again and again until your run out of cards

summoning circle

summoning circle can only be useful to kill your friends if you have a lighter.

A circle can be very good if you can manage to get your friend down stairs.

Kill your friend and maybe find some evidence about the ghost as well as a pic.

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