PIGGY Hunt: Basic Gameplay

The ultimate guide to PIGGY: Hunt! From gameplay basics for new players.


PIGGY Hunt Basic Gameplay

When you join a match as a survivor, you’ll see an opening cutscene. You come across an abandoned house with it’s lights on… You enter the house to investigate, and then get attacked by an Infected!

Once you gain control over your character, you’ll see a progress bar at the top of your screen. This shows your current objective and your progress towards escaping. There are three different variations of the house map, each with a unique layout and path to escape.

There are many items in the game, which will be covered more in-depth in the Survivor section. Keys open various doors you may find around the house. Hammers are used to break boards, opening up new areas, and shovels can be used to dig up items buried in the ground. Some items like the fishing rod are only in one variation of House.

Depending on the objective, you may need to connect plugs, fix gas leaks, or find a key. Keys are most commonly found in cardboard boxes that you must search through. Someyimes your objective is to solve puzzles such as connecting plugs, unclogging toilets, and fixing gas leaks. There’s always more than one way to go about solving something, so if you can’t get to something, don’t worry! Figure out another way to complete the objective.

There’s another important item in the game: the stun gun. This item has two uses and allows you to temporarily stun the Infected. This is very useful for escaping a tight spot, which brings us to the next topic: vents!

Vents allow the player to travel to another point in the map. They’re quite useful for confusing the Infected and giving you a chance to escape. Once you enter, the vent closes for a while, so nobody else can enter.

If you’re killed by the Infected, you can still try to help your fellow survivors escape. You have a unique Ghost Stun ability that has two uses, similar to the stun gun. When near the Infected, use it to stun them, allowing your friends to escape. Beware though, after a Ghost Stun, the Infected will get mad, and move faster for a bit.

If you managed to escape, congratulations! Youll be awarded with Piggy Tokens, the primary currency, and if you’re lucky, Bacon, which is the premium currency.

If you’re the Infected, you’ll need to wait before you can start your rampage. I’m the meantime, select a trap! There are three traps to choose from, each with their own strengths. Once you wake up, start looking for survivors! Either kill all survivors or let time run out to win. The Infected have a few abilities you can use to hunt down players, which you can learn about in the Infected section.

In the shop, you can find a plethora of options to customize your character. Survivors can choose an outfit, hat, face accessory, back accessory and much more! Infected can equip a character skin, weapon, and kill animation. Items have different rarities depending on their price.

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