Polda 7: Walkthrough 100%

Complete instructions for the game Polda 7. It will guide you through the game in case you get stuck somewhere. Attention, of course, includes spoilers!


1. At home

After watching the opening scene, you can choose whether to learn the controls.

Take the box off the ground. Open the inventory and open the shipment. You get 2x hookstrong magnet and screwdriver.

Take the hook from the inventory and push it into the chair. Take the second hook and drive it into the beam above Pankrác. Take a look at the shorts on the bed and they will be put in your inventory. Take the trenches from the inventory and use them on the hook on the chair.

Lift the rod from the ground and Pankrác will put it next to the chair. Take the rod and try to pull ontable for beer. Take the rod and use it on roller skates to get them. Combine a screwdriver with roller skates in the inventory. This will give you wheels. Take the inventory wheels and use them on the chair. Pull the rod back to the table. It will work this time.

After a short animation, Pankrác finally gets up from his chair. Use a screwdriver to repair the TV.

Jumbo calls you and the opening scene ends

2. Stadion Wembley


Take a piece of cloth from the lawn. Go to the shed and use a piece of cloth on the computer. This will clean the monitor. Examine the computer.

Go back to the stadium and look at the camera. After exploring, you can also look at the cable that runs from the camera. Follow the cable and head to the shed, where you can now look at the cable above the fire station. You will find that it leads to the computer, so look at it again. You’ll find that you need to find an administrator because you don’t know the password.

Administrator warms up

Come out of the shed and look at the vibrating generator (ie the basket). You have to warm the basket so that the caretaker is not cold. So take the mower and use it on the basket to get to it. Select the second and third drawers in the shed. You get a coil and cables.

Take a strong magnet from the inventory and use it on the basket. Take the spool and apply it to the magnet on the basket. Now connect the inventory cables to the mower. Take the other side of the cables and use them on the basket to warm the manager.

Tool box

Take the magnet (you have it back in inventory) and use it on the mower. This will put it to the bottom. Use the lawn mower and Pankrác will try to find the keys. But the mower is too slow.

Go inside the shed and take the flame bottle from the table. Go back outside and use the bottle on the manager to confirm that you can use it. So use a mower bottle. In the same way as before, try to find the keys on the lawn using a lawn mower. This time you will be successful and the administrator’s key will appear in your inventory. Go back to the shed and use the key manager to unlock the box. In it you will find a file and mucholapku.

Exemption of the administrator

Go to the stadium and use the basket file. This will file the lid and you will finally see the caretaker. After the conversation, use the basket file again to make limb holes. But you’re still bothered by the back bar, so use the basket file again . But this time it will not work, because the rod is made of solid material. Take a firefighter from the wall in the shed . Immediately use it outside on the basket stick to freeze it. The last time you use a file on a basket , the rod will now be easy to file. Talk to the administrator and he will tell you the password for the computer. Go back to the shed and explore computer. Animation will follow and the scene at the stadium will end.

3. London – Paris Street

Talk to Vejpitka first. He’ll tell you that everyone around you is undercover agents. Talk to the grandmother in the window right away. You will find that both locals complain about the artists in the street.

Survey on the street

Look at the trash. Dig it 5 times before you come across a broken bottle that you can take. Dig through the bin 6 more times before you find a string that you can also pick up from the bin. Dig the trash can one more time and look at the student’s book. Pankrác snatches a vulgar picture from it. Click the exit button.

Talk to the painter, then the Korean, and finally the legs in the bushes on the far left. No one will tell you much, but you have completed the outdoor survey.


Go to the door of the house and try to ring the bell. But the grandmother in the window won’t let you.
Talk to a painter who can advise you, but first wants peace of mind. So you have to get rid of the Korean.

Talk to the Korean. He doesn’t want to stop singing. Talk to Vejpitka, who will give you the rest of the boxed wine. Give the wine to the Korean, which will make him drunk and stop singing. Talk to the painter again and you will find that the grandmother in the window likes Vejpitka and you have to put them together somehow.

Talk to the grandmother in the window and you will find out that she is really interested in Vejpitka. So talk to Vejpitka and he will give you a picture of the staff. Give it to the painter to ask him to draw. However, he is hungry, so you have to get him something to eat.

Take itbroken bottle from inventory and use it on the tree. This will engrave the inscription into it and bad luck will flow out of the tree. Use a flytrap on a tree to spread bad luck on it. Look back in the trash can and dig it through 3 times before you come across moldy cheese. Use the flytrap on moldy cheeses and you will get a flytrap full of flies . Click the exit button.

Go to the fountain and use the frog flytrap . This will catch it in your inventory. Offer a frog to a painter. He would give it to her, but she is too small. So use the frog on the valvenear the car and an inflated frog is formed. Offer this again to the painter, who will already draw the grandmother’s body on the wall for her.

Talk to Vejpitka, who will finally hire her grandmother. So you can ring Monica.

Luring Monica

During the short animation, you take Monica’s sock from the ground. At the same time, the pigeon on the tree was startled.

Talk to a Korean who can’t dial a pigeon and show you the dial. But you don’t know the whole number yet, because you have to find the area code for North Korea. Click the exit button. Open the inventory and the Meganet button will flash. Click on it and you will find the preset you are looking for. So talk to the Korean again and dial: +850 255 636. As a reward, the spy will give you a children’s guitar and advise you to hide somewhere.

Look at the statue. Talk to the painter and you will find that you have to lure him away. Explore the benchnext to the painter and you get dry gum . Use dry gum on the fountain and you will get a moistened gum . In the inventory, combine the moistened chewing gum with the vulgar image and you will get a sticky vulgar image . Use it on a car . This will also give you the Mercedes emblem . Talk to the painter and steal his gray paint . Use this on the statue . Monika finally leaves the apartment.

4. London – Versáček

The search for Monica

Talk to Paris. Look at the dog and talk to Paris again. Search the container next to Versáček and find a bald ball. Offer a bald Paris ball that just throws it next to the grass. Take it back and use it on your dog this time. He runs away and Paris cries.

Talk to the guard in front of Versáček. Talk to model Naomi Kýbl, who throws low-fat yogurt at you. So try to talk to her 3 more times until she throws a whistle at you. Use the whistle to replace Chichi, who will run back.

Use a dog sockto track down Monika. He will take you to the bushes, where you try to find Monika. After a short animation, Pankrác ends up naked in the bushes.

Use the broken bush bottle in which Pankrác is hidden from the inventory. This will cut the stick and get a branch. Use the branch for the excrement basket . The basket will fall and you will have a stick in your inventory. Pick up the fallen lid from the basket. Use him on the bushes in which Pankrác is hidden and he will finally crawl to safety for things.

Infiltration into Versáček

Talk to the guard. He still doesn’t want to let you go, so try to climb out the window at the top right of Versáček. Explore the bench and you will find candy. Combine candy with a hollow tube in the inventory. Combine a tube loaded with candy with the Mercedes logo. Combine the peephole with the charged tube with the sight. Use the charged tube with the peephole and sight on the window. The girls then run out.

Talk to the girls. You will find that you need to get musical instruments. Examine the container and you will get a small barrel. Goplay with girls. On Pankrác, first use a small barrel as a drum, then shorts as a bass, then a basket lid as a cymbal, and finally a children’s guitar , which, however, has discharged flashlights. Go talk to Paris, who will give you flashlights. Combine flashlights with children’s guitar and you get a functional children’s guitar. Go play with the girls again and add a guitar to your musical instruments. The mini-game starts, which you can (at a light level) skip. The girls will get you inside Versáček.

Fashion Show

Talk to the producer and then to Naomi. Talk to the fat man twice in a row. Look in the mirror, but the girl’s buttocks have no effect. Look at him again and the fat man will stare. Now you can take his belly out of his pocket. Use a tampon belly on the table. Naomi starts vomiting, so quickly give her a small barrel of inventory. Talk to the producer and then to Naomi. Take a look at the glass with the rest of the wine on the table and you will find a coaster next to it. Go back past the pier to the model’s locker room and take the lipstick from the table next to the safe . Go back to the pier and use the coaster on Naomi. Combine

a tray with lipstick and you get a lipstick with a tray. Give it to Naomi, who will write part of the password on it.

Solving a password is easy. the sum of the numbers must mirror 10. the last number on the left + the first number on the right is the sum of 10. The password is therefore 86179 13942. Go back to the model’s locker room, look at the safe and type in this password. After successful entry, take the dress from the safe and get the model of the season. Show him the producer and the minigame will start.

How to get to Donutele

Click on the office door to eavesdrop on the call. But the bodyguard will stop you, talk to him. Go back to the pier and talk to the producer. Go to the dressing room and take the flowers from the table. Pick up a selfie camera from the other table. Go back in front of the office and try to put live flowers among the artificial flowers behind the bodyguard. But he won’t let you. Use a selfie camera on the bodyguard, this will crawl your flowers and the bodyguard will start blowing its nose.

Try to take handkerchiefs, but the bodyguard won’t let you do it for no good reason. Go to the model’s dressing room and take the laxative from the table. Go back tobodguard and offer him a laxative. However, he does not want him, so it is up to poor Pankrác. Sit on the couch and drink a laxative in your inventory. After a short animation you will be back at the pier.

Press 1 on the counter to drag the pigeon to the right speaker. Press button 3 to blind the pigeon and press button 4 to drop the pigeon with confetti. Pick him up now, or he’ll fly back to you. You get a spy pigeon. Go back to the office and use the spy pigeon on the door. Dial the Pankrác number on it: +420 586 235.

5. London – Back in Pařížská Street

Look at the cat in the window. Look in the trash and dig it up 3 times before you find a fish skeleton to take. Pick up the box from the ground in front of the bench. Use this on the cat next to the fountain to prepare a trap. Add a stick and then a string to the cacora trap. Finally, add the herringbone and you will catch the cat. Use shorts on the bench to make a slingshot. Use a cat for a slingshot, which lures the grandmother out the window and goes to Monika’s apartment.

Search all the options in the apartment. After you see everything, you can also look under the carpet. Then try to pull back the curtain. You allegedly have to catch the next scene in 40 seconds, but you don’t have to. The alarm will just ring and nothing will happen. Pick up the hanger next to Pankrác.

Use the hanger to tighten the key to the handcuffs. Try to search for Monika, but she keeps you from that plate. Try to move the plates, but Pankrác is too nervous. Go out on the street and talk to Vejpitka until you see opportunities for Zen evacuation. Select the ” One-handed clap ” option. Go back to the apartment, where you can move the platesSearch Monica and you will find a statuette. Use this on the locker. A long animation follows.

6. Data safe

In front of Hotel

Talk to the girl and you will find out that she is a disguised Monika. Look at the roof above the device and then at the device itself. Talk to the guy. When the chat options appear, select ” Ask for a roof box “. Then you can end the conversation.

Talk to Paris. Select ” Offer blanket cleaning ” from the chat options. Paris will let you and you will get a messy blanket. Use it on the device to cover it. Chichi runs up, helps him, the device shorts out, and a robot leaves the hotel for repairs.

Talk to the robot and you will find that he likes Monika. Talk to Monica. It will seize him and you can sneak in.

Searching for a data vault

Go to the contributors’ temple (first entrance from the left). Take a look at Figure 4 and look at the bubble gum. Talk twice with your grandmother in a chair. Go back to the Atrium and go to the Star Stand (door on the far right). Take a bottle of caustic from the ground. Go back to the contributors’ temple and look at Figure 4 again. Use a bottle of caustic on the gum. All the pictures fall and you can put them together in a minigame. Talk to your grandmother and try to walk through her. They’ll let you go now. Open the inventory and look at Meganet. You will find mythical statues. Their first letters determine the order in the HERGOT password. If we have statues from the left from 1 to 6, the order is:

6 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 5 . This will open the wooden gate.

How to go through a special device to a data vault

Go to the Star Booth and talk to the guy. Show Mlask a messy blanket and he’ll start talking to you. In the meantime, you can end the conversation. Talk to the robot and watch the short presentation. You go back to the contributors’ temple, where a bucket has now appeared. Use a cluttered bucket blanket to clean it. Return to the Star booth and show the blanket to Mlask.

Explore robotic arm control. Talk to Mlask and select the ” Ask for a robotic arm ” option. End the conversation and examine the control of the robotic arm twice more. Go to the Atrium and look at the dumbbells on the ground next to the clown. Talk to the clown 3 times.

Now you will walk back and forth for a while. Go to the gym and talk to Rambousk, who will send you away. Talk to Puki. Go back to the gym and ask Rambousek about his first film. He’ll fire you again, so talk to Puki again. It will inflate your muscles from balloons. But they burst and Rambousek gives you a loader. You have to train the box.

Go back to the gym and take your boxing gloves off the ground right at the door. Go to the Atrium and talk to Ufon 3 times. Take the boxing gloves and use them on Ufon to ask him for help. Take a boxing lesson with him. Go back to the gym and beat Rambousek in boxing.

Talk to Puki. You can already take dumbbells from the ground, ie iron balls. Return to the Star booth and hand over the iron balls to Mlask. When Mlask leaves, open the cover on the side of the robotic arm. You will get insurance. Go to the gym and pick up the handle on the mattress.
Go to the contributors’ temple and check out the special facilities . Use the handle on the hole above the Start. This will finally really get you behind the gate.

In the data vault

Right after entering, you can play a mini game with lasers. Talk to the guy in the chair. Look at the door lock, the door and the air conditioning behind the glass. Talk to the guy. Take a bottle of caustic and use it on the chair where the guy is sitting.

Switch the lever on the wall to turn off the lasers and return to the contributors’ temple. Examine the second statue on the right and find a diamondGo to the Star Stand and take the glass knife to the robotic hand counter. Combine a glass knife with a diamond in the inventory and you will get a sharp glass knife. Go back to the data vault and climb up on the guy. Usesharp glass knife on the glass (☺) and cut a hole. Jump through the hole and you will find that you need a rope.

Go to the game museum, where there is a crowbar leaning against the counter on the right, which you pick up. Go to the gym and explore the TK initials locker. Use the crowbar on the cabinet and try to pry it out. Take the end of the rope from the exercise machine and tie it to the crowbar in the box. Look at the pulley, but Pankrac is too weak. Talk twice with Pukie, who will tear the door. Take the rope from the box and you will also find the weight for the weightlifters.

Go back to the data center and get on the guy again. Use the rope on the hole in the glass. Jump through the hole, but it won’t work out again, nothing will hold your rope. Climb the guy, pull the rope through the hole and talk to Pája before you jump. He will hold the rope for you. Try to jump through the hole, but the rope is too long. Go to this Star booth and use the rope on the robot that will cut it for you. Return to the data vault, climb up, pull the shortened rope through the hole, talk to Pája to hold the rope for you, and jump in through the hole. But this time the mouse thwarts your plans. So go to the Atrium and look at the posters on the left. You will marrycats poster. Return to the data center and use it on the mouse hole. Repeat the process once again – climb up – stretch the rope – talk to Pája – jump through the hole. Finally it comes out and so take the flash from the computer.

Flash decoding

Go to the game museum and talk to the guy at the slot machine. Turn on all possible slot machines in the game room. Go to the Star Stand and pick up the kettle. Return to the game museum and plug in the kettle on the far right. In the dark, look at the table under the drawer and there is now a small light around Pankrác. Go through the game room to the other side. You have to avoid all the boxes and vending machines. Under the light on the left, try to open the fuse door. But the key wraps. Open the door under the illuminated sign. You get a welder, a malleta jackhammer

semtex. Use all four items for fuses. The order does not matter. The fuses are finally blown.

Police 2

Use the flash with the safe on the Polda 2 slot machine. You will find yourself inside the game. Take the twelve key and use it to open the electrical box to the right of the trolley. After opening it, turn on the electricity, this will give you a lever. Go down to the pub and use the lever on the fan to stop it. Knock on the door.

Go back to the street and talk to the guy. In the conversation, select ” Ask a question ” and then end the conversation. Use the trolley and drive to the factory. Talk to the guy by the burning barrel. Use the handcart to drive back and go down to the pub. Helpbranches take a stinky sock from the trash. Knock on the door and as soon as the guard leaves, throw a stinky sock into the window in the door. The door opens and you can enter the bar.

Try to order a drink from the bartender, but he does not have Becherovka. Take a very effective weapon from the inventory and use it on the bartender / Phantom. This decodes the flash.

Take the coded flash back in the game room and use it on the TV. After a longer animation, you will end up back in front of the hotel.

7. Bolzano hole

Talk to Pepa. Upon the doctor’s arrival, you must examine the tunnel and all the bushes to his right. Examine the third bush on the right once more and you will find white and black spray paint. Take the backpack off the ground and open it in the inventory. You will find Čiči’s duck and glue in it. Go to the far right and look at the tree. You’ve already searched everything, so look at the same tree again.

Car repair

Talk to Pepa to find out what’s down there. Climb down the tree to the ground. Put Čiči’s duck on the stream and climb back to the tree. As soon as the car arrives and starts analyzing the duck, jump on its roof. Once inside, you can play a mini-game on a treadmill.

Take a look at the largest wooden box and you will find a piece of cardboard. Switch the lever on the laser pole and climb up the tree back up. Put a piece of cardboard on the Cyber ​​truck and you will find that it is not in the right shape. So go down the tree again and go to the left side of the lasers. Use the lever to turn the lasers back on and use a piece of cardboard on them

to obtain a cut carton. Turn the lasers off again and climb up the tree.

In the inventory, combine the glue with the cut cardboard. Use the resulting sticky cut cardboard on the Cyber ​​truck. Take a white spray paint and use it on a cyber truck. Now spray the white 3 times with black spray (you can do the opposite). Talk to Pepa. After the animation, take the access card

from the inventory and hand it over to Monica.

8. American eyes

Go to the game museum, where you will automatically chat with Čeňek. Take a look at the 5 participants of the tour and you will find that one is missing. So go talk to Čeňek and select the ” Ask Holina ” dialog option. End the conversation.

Gold chips

Go to the temple of the contributors and walk around the grandmother (this time it’s free). Look at the statue with a bow and steal a gold necklace. Open the wooden gate in the same way as with Pankrác. The order of statues from left to right is: 6 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 5 . After opening the gate, you will find a mallet lying on the ground, which you will pick up.

Now go to the Star Booth. Place the gold necklace on the workbench in front of the robot. Talk to the robot and he will cut the string from the necklace. Take a meat mallet and give it to the robot. Finally, give the robot an access card and it will stamp the logo on the chips. Take the finished one from the table golden pancakes with the logo .

Go to the game museum and hand over the gold pancakes to Čeňek.


First play with Klátil. Once you beat him, play with Donutella. When you defeat her, play with Flygun, who will let you win. Talk to FiFq and tell Flygun what you found out. Go outside the hotel and talk to Pankrác and then to Pepa. He will give you an alcohol tester. Return to the museum and use the alcohol tester at FiFqa. Talk to the Flygun again and the animation will follow.

Krejzar’s confrontation

Go back to the game museum and talk to Krejzar twice. To do this, go to the temple of the contributors and talk to the grandmother. Look at the bucket on the ground next to it. Talk to your grandmother again and she will finally give you a piece of paper with Krejzar’s signature.

9. The lost winemaker Fasor
Talk to the watchmaker. Go through the lower gate and head left down. Pick up a rag-wrapped rod from the ground. Go back to the watchmaker and take the watch magnifying glass from her counter. In the inventory, combine a watch magnifying glass with a rod wrapped in cloth. Also use a watch magnifier on smudges on the ground between the stalls.

Talk to the guy who’s swinging around. A plastic bag will fall out of it. In the inventory, combine a rod wrapped in cloth with a plastic bag.


Go to the hospital. Talk to Baguette and go to the emergency room. Talk to your doctor and select the ” Request a pill ” dialog. Open the first aid kit for the doctor, where you will find tweezers. Talk to the doctor on the left – Rozmázlem. Then talk to the other doctor and select the ” Ask for Blur’s Eyesight ” option. He’ll try to open the second first aid kit , but Smudge will catch you. You need a disguise.

Go back to the main corridor of the hospital and look at the mop. Get out of the hospital, walk through the south gate and go down to the right side of the road. Next to the feeder you will find eggs which you collect. Go back to the hospital and talk to Baguette. In the dialog, select the ” Ask for mop ” option. End the conversation and use the eggs on the floor (at the back of the hall). Talk to Baguette and select ” Ask for a mop again “. You get a mop, which you look at in the inventory and break his handle. You will have a makeshift wig.

Go to the surgery and under the first aid kit you will find a sheet to take. Open the inventory and combine the temporary wig with the sheet. This will result in a baguette disguise, which you can immediately use on first aid kit at Rozmázl. You will find a children’s backfill in it.

Combine the baby powder with a plastic bag and you will get a plastic bag with powder. Combine it with a rod wrapped in cloth and you will have a plastic bag with the perpetrator’s prints.

Go out to the backyard and go to the Vesmírná Pitka bar. Use a plastic bag with the perpetrator’s prints on the famous handprint – second from the left, bottom row. You find out that the fingerprint belongs to Tarantulin, so talk to him right away (the guy in purple behind the bar). In the dialog, select the “Ask for a winemaker attack” option. In the meantime, end the conversation.

Search for Fasor

Go to the doctor’s office, talk to the doctor and select ” Find out where Fasor is “. Return to the main hallway and talk to Baguette. Select “Ask urgently for Faso” and end the conversation.

Switch the fan in room 2 and use an alcohol tester on it. Try to release the fan, but it will make too much noise. Take the loose pillow from the seat and use it on the fan. Return to the doctor’s office and talk to the doctor. Select the ” Ask for Fasor help ” option.

Alcohol smuggling

Go to the Vesmírná Pitka bar and talk to Tarantulin. Select the “Hit Tarantula” dialog box. Get out of the bar and look at the guy at the stall. You have to invent alcohol smuggling.

Take a bottle of wine from the stall. Return to the bar and search the undercounter bar supplies for an empty wine box. Talk to Hrabiš, but end the conversation immediately with the dialog options. Do this twice more and you will get 15,000 CZK. In the inventory, combine an empty wine box with a bottle of wine. Combine the resulting wine box with money from Hrabiš, thus creating a money box lined with money. Exit the bar and try to walk through the lower gate. It worked!

Return to the bar and show the box of wine lined with money to Tarantulin.

10. Summit G9

How to get to the Summit

Come out and try to get to the hotel on the Summit. He won’t go, so go back to the bar and talk to Hrabiš. Select ” Ask for the Summit “, then ” Escort to the Summit ” and end the conversation. So you need a journalist accreditation.

Get out of the bar and go to the PRD news broadcast car (no dots, Steam censors ☺). Inside, use a laptop to turn off the music, turn off the lights on the device next to the cabinet, and turn on the power switch on the side of the cabinet. Talk to Jarda, you have to get him a rescuer.

Go to the hospital and talk to Baguette. Select the ” Ask for Blur’s Eyesight ” option. Head to the office and use disguise as a baguette for Dr. Rozmázl . Explore doctoral degrees and play memory game. After winning, you will find a bottle of something sharper. Go back to the transfer car and pass it to Jard. Now you have to wake Jarda.

Get out of the car and talk to the watchmaker until he sells you ice . Return to the transfer car and wake up with Jard’s ice. After a short animation, you will get journalistic accreditation. You will now be at the Summit, so take a camera from the table and get out of the car and head to the hotel.

Hearing of the TJT meeting

First, place the camera on a tripod. Then look at the container. Talk to the chef twice and continue the dialogue as follows: ” Ask for container “, ” Ask for Summit “, ” Ask if there is no agent ” and ” Ask for bedbugs “. End the conversation and talk to the bodyguard twice. You have to find the bugs.

Go out to the backyard and talk to the salesman at the Nerd booth until he gives you a motion detector. Return to Summit and try to walk through the entrance gate with the inventory motion detector. It’s not working and you have to get him inside somehow.

Go to the bar and look at the briefcasenext to Hrabiš. Then talk to Hrabiš and select the ” I need to say a detector ” option. Go to the hospital office and use the Baguette disguise to collect the butterflies on the wall at Dr. Rozmázl. This will give you a collection of butterflies, which you can immediately combine with a motion detector in your inventory. Go back to the bar and give the collection of butterflies with the detector to Hrabiš. The detector will take you to the Summit.

So go back to the Summit and look at the presents to the US President. You will find your motion detector there. Look at the parkand search all places in the park with a detector. As soon as you search the last fifth possible place, you will find a bedbug and a sign will appear at the place.

Take a canapé from the table that will leave you with a toothpick. Use tweezers at the site and you will receive tweezers with a bedbug. Try to use it on a container, but it won’t work that way. Pick up the corkscrew from the other table. Use this on the container and drill a hole in it. Again, use tweezers with a bedbug on the container. Appears on the bug, to which a watch magnifying glass and then using a toothpick dial Monika’s number: +420 756 581.

11. MMA match

Hearing of Presidents

Look at the presidents, then try to talk to them and then walk around them. Talk to Donutula. Walk back past the presidents and go to the gym. Take a look at the guestbook and get a number from Donutely. Go out in front of the hotel and talk to Pankrác twice. Go to the Star stand and take the charger, with which you will automatically take the extension cord as well. Return to the game museum and put the charger in the socket on the right. Walk around the presidents and talk to Donutel.

Searching for clues

You can play the mini-game Tetris. After a longer animation, return to the game museum and look at the place where Krejzar stood. There is a special mass on the ground that you collect. Go to this Star booth and use a special mass on the laser device. Show the analyzed mass to Pankrác outside the hotel.

12. Smuggling Pankrác into collective farms

Go to the hospital office again and pick up the thick glasses from the table next to Dr. Rozmázl. Return to the main hallway and look at the B-receiver behind the reception. Use the strong bale glasses above the B-receiver to find the code you call Pankrac.

Expedition hut

You play for Pankrác again. Use the iron balls on the cyber truckYou will find a rocket engine in the trunk. Combine it with Miss Paris’s backpack to create a rocket engine with straps. Take the MBček wing from the ground and combine it with a rocket engine with straps. The result is a rocket jetpack.

Look into Bolzano’s hole. Then pour the weight for the weightlifters into it. Use the rocket jetpack to Bolzano’s hole and fly inside the hut.

Look at your computer and select ” Print Label “. Printedtake label 32545 from the printer and stick it on the largest box. Take the folding knife and the set of express B-receivers from the wooden box. Try to send in a box, it won’t work. Use the folding knife on the box and cut holes in the legs. It won’t work again, so use the folding knife on the box again and cut a hole in your eyes. Pankrác will finally get to the hospital.

13. JZD and secret bunker TJT

From now on, you can switch between Monika and Pankrác. You can even send most of the items in your inventory between them.


Go back to the house of the JZD chairman. Try to search the documents on the table, but the chairman will not allow you to do so. Return to the yard and talk to the guy on the tractor. When you have the opportunity, select ” Talk about the chairman “. JZD will give you two tasks so that you can become chairman.

Pick up the pitchfork next to the gate and try to clear the manure with them. It won’t work, so go through the garage door. Take a look at the belt that will easily remove manure. Talk to the collective farm and select the ” Manure removed ” option. You will find out what you have to do with the tractor. You can end the conversation.

Go back to the chairman and talk to him twice. You will find information for Monika.

TJT secret bunker

Switch to Monika.
Go to the PRD transfer car and talk to Jarda twice. Open the cabinet where you will find the PRDator mask. Get out of the car, go through the lower barrier and run to the squirrel in the tree. Use the PRDator’s mask in the inventory and look at the warm place on the rock. You will automatically return the mask and look again at the warm place on the rock. Look at the squirrel and you will get to the bunker. Look at the bucket’s disguise on the curtain. Look at the green canvasdisassembled alarm clocksbags of moneyfolders, chest, cabinets, sewing machine, rolls of fabric and finally pick up the inflatable rings from the ground.


Switch to Pankrác.
Go back to the tractor, talk to the collective farm and select the ” Ask for sweatpants ” dialog. End the conversation and send free sweatpants in the inventory to Monica using a sender.

Switch to Monika.
Use loose sweatpants on the sewing machine to sew them on the body sweatpants. Send them back to Pankrác using a sending device.

Switch to Pankrác.
Hand over sweatpants to the body of the JZD. Go to the chairman and look at the photos of the tractors. Among them you will find a sorting scheme that you pass JZDmu. But he doesn’t hold the ticket.

Switch to Monika. Remove the marker
from the table at the sewing machine. Send it to Pankrac using a sending deviceSwitch to Pankrác. Use a textile marker on JZDho. This will paint the diagram directly on his sweatpants. Look at the mess to the left of the tractor and you will find a handle. Use this on a tractor and try to anchor it. But you don’t have the strength to do it. Go to the chairman and talk to him. Pick up the tin can from under the table. Go to the garage and rip the bag of rice with a fork. Take a look at the bag of rice and you will take a handful of rice. Go out and take the water from the barrel into the tin. In the inventory, combine a can of water with a handful of rice and use the resulting can of rice and water on a strap. Return to the President and look at the seated Buddha. Then use a can of cooked rice on it . Return to the tractor and try to start it again with the crank. With the help of a mini-game, you will succeed this time. Go back to the chairman and talk to him. Then you are look at the documents in the black files. Talk to the chairman again and pick up the ice axes from the wall. Hurry to the garage, where you can use the ice axes on the plane so that you can board it.

14. Březina Military Base

Central computer

Switch to Monika.
Use the squirrel on the tree to go back to the bunker. But inside is Donutel, who throws a block at you. The inventory opens automatically and you look at your purse. You can play a mini-game where you have to beat Donutel by throwing things out of your purse.

When you defeat Donutelsearch her and find the key to the chest. Take the fan from the shelf behind the curtain. Use the inflatable rings on the fallen cabinet. Now use a fan on the inflatable rings to lift the cabinet. Now use the key to unlock the chest. Open the chestand use the computer after the call.

In front of the base

Select ” Base Březina ” in the menu. In the Gateway field, click Generator. Select the ” Swap outputs ” option on the right.

You will automatically switch to Pankrác.
Take a crowbar from the brothel pile. Use a bottle of caustic on the goal and then a crowbar on the goal. This will open it, but the soldier will wake up. Take a Christmas chain and a poinsettia from the Christmas tree in the pile of brothels.

Switch to Monika. Swap the outputs on the generator in the
same way as before.

You will automatically switch to Pankrác.
Now you have to open the goal quickly as long as the soldier has a star above him. The soldier will not hear the goal open and you can sneak up on him. Use the Christmas chain to tie him to the soldier. Look at the tank and then the valve on its right. The tank is inflated and you can pick up the blown tank from the ground.


Walkthrough the mud back to the base. Use a blown tank for a soldier right next to Pankrác. But you need to inflate the tank with something. Look at the pile of brothels and you will find a pump. Inflate the blown tank by the mud. You will find that you need a higher rank.

Look again at the pile of brothels and you will find a rusty pot . also pick up a broom, but the handle will break and you will only have a piece of the broom left. Combine the one in the inventory with a rusty pot and you will get a pot with a plume. Combine it with the poinsettia and the result is general helmet. Use this on the tank and you will be able to pass the soldier.


Go to the house. Move behind the first locker.

Switch to Monika.
Open the inventory and send an extension cord to Pankrác using a sending device. Close the inventory and select the generator at the lab in the ” Base ” field. Select the ” on ” option. In the ” Laboratory ” field, select ” fan ” and turn it on in the options as well. Finally, in the ” Base ” field, select ” Flag Downloader ” and select ” Download .” You will automatically switch to Pankrác. As long as the flag is lowered,

behind the table. Use an inventory extension on the ground extension cordPick up the notebook from the table. After the animation, you will get Santus’ diary and a piece of paper with an equation.

Collect the liquid tube from the table and apply it to the fabric sample in the sampler. Pick up a Swiss Army knife from the other table. Go out to the base.

Airport area

Switch to Monika.
In the ” Base ” field, click on ” Clothes Hanger ” and select “On” and then ” Cord Service Enable “.

You will automatically switch to Pankrác.
Use a Swiss Army knife on the dryer, take the end of the cord and tie it to the leverMove the lever and go look at the device. Don’t go anywhere!

Switch to Monika.
You should still have the ” clothes hanger ” selected, where you select the ” tighten cord ” option. You will automatically switch to Pankrácand you will appear at the airport.

The soldiers start arguing and you have to turn left. You always have to wait a while before the next step, it is usually enough for one soldier to speak and the other to start talking. When you get to the trumpet, the soldiers will start fighting and you have peace of mind.

Collect the curved pipe from the soldiers’ stove. Immediately attach it to outlet 2 at the fuel pump. Then pour a tube of liquid into it.

Switch to Monika.
In the “Airport” field, click on ” turbopump ” and select “on” and ” switch output “.

You will automatically switch to Pankrác.
The soldier escapes and you look at the lizard. You call Monica for the keys.

Switch to Monika.
If you are still on the computer, click the ” Exit ” button and then ” Exit ” again. Head to the collective farm, where Monika has finally decided, and go to the chairman. Search the workshop drawer for the lizard key. Send it to Pankrác using a sending device.

Switch to Pankrác.
Use the lizard key on the lizard and Pankrác will climb inside. Click on the hatch on the left of the ship. Climb up to the hatch and try to open it . You need a square key.

Switch to Monika.
Go out of the house to the main courtyard of the collective farm and look at the brothel on the left, where you will find a pipe. Go to the Star Stand and give the pipe to the robot. He will adjust it to a square key. Send it to Pankrác immediately by sending the device .

Switch to Pankrác.
Climb the lizard to the hatch and use the square key on it . However, it spins, so send it back to Monica using a sending device.

Switch to Monika.
Still at the Star Stand, use a square wrench on the robotic arm to weld the handles. The resultingsend the square wrench with holders back to Pankrác.

Switch to Pankrác.
Climb the lizard to the hatch and use the square wrench with holders. You finally get to the ship, which takes off.

15. Ship

The deck of the ship

Look at the bags of money. After talking to Monica, look at them again and break the alarm clock. From now on, always click on untie the bag and break the alarm clock. Time doesn’t really go, it just counts down when you break another alarm. A long animation follows with the main resolution of the story.

On the boat terrace

Look at the door on the right. Use paper with an equation on the door, but you don’t know the solution. So send it to Monica by sending the device .

Switch to Monika.
Show the paper with the equation to Mlask. He will tell you the result, so send the paper with the solved equation back to Pankrac’s sending device.

Switch to Pankrác.
Use a piece of paper with a solved equation on the door and now go in through the now open door. Talk to Santusov and then return Santusov’s diary from his inventory.


Get out of the lab and talk to Tarantulin. He will tell you the password to the computer you call Monica.

Switch to Monika.
Go back to the bunker and use the computer. In the main menu, select ” Megaship “.

You will automatically switch to Pankrác.
Get out of the lab and use the buttons to take the elevator down . Look at the box with the chain and you will find the chain. Take a look at the tool table, where you will find iron weights. Use the chain on the service cover, take it off the ground and connect it to the lift. Press the lift button to go up and the service cover will tear. Take the chain back. In the inventory, combine the iron weight with the chain and apply the resulting chain with the iron weight to the ship’s pit.

Take the elevator upstairs, go to the lab and talk to Santusov. Animation follows.

Saving the world

Go right and pick up a box of glasses on the ground at the bar. Throw a glass at Cake Vedra, but he dodges. At the far left, jump off the ship and finally defeat Dorda Vedra in the animation.

This is followed by a pee minigame that you can skip. After the animation, you fly through the air. Put on your jetpack quickly. Enjoy the concert and the game is over!

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