Quake: “House of Doom” Achievement Guide

I will show you how to unlock the achievement “House of Doom” manually, because the game is bug and cannot be unlocked in a conventional way. I found this solution in the comments on the steam forums, but for some reason it is not seen that “recommended” (the solution). Credits to the various authors/cooperators: GR34TD3STR0Y3R, Elthrael, DozER and Xazuki


How to Unlock “House of Doom” Achievement

First I recommend you configure the “quick save” button in the options, since this is the way I used and it worked for me. Once done, follow the steps below:

  • Go to episode E5M6: The Underworld and find the secret exit.
  • Make a quick save before entering the portal.
  • Minimize the game.
  • Go to the directory: user\USER_NAME\Saved Games\NightdiveStudios\Quake and find the file named “0.sav”.
  • Open the file “0.sav” in notepad (or any other text editor).
  • Search between lines 4350 and 4400 for the word “e5sm2”, as shown in the following image.

  • Change the word “e5sm2” to “e5m8” and save the changes.
  • Load the saved game.
  • Cross the portal.

Doing the above will unlock the achievement but the game will crash. To avoid any type of error or problem, I recommend you close the game, return to the text file, change “e5m8” to “e5sm2” again, and save the changes.

By Algodoncito

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  1. Thanks for this clear writeup, it worked for me. I was planning on waiting for the next update but that may take a while.

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