Roboquest: Locked Doors Guide (V1.0)

How to open the locked doors in Roboquest.


Behind the waterfall in “Oasis”

This lock requires you to have a Buddy-Bot on you to open it.
To get one, you have to encounter a special version on the small robots. Specifically one with a green eye.

When you find one, simply walk up and interact with the little guy. This will place him in one of your free weapon slots. Now that you have a Buddy-Bot, interacting with the lock will open it.

Once you have picked up a Buddy-Bot for the first time, there will always be one available at the start of a run.

The timed door in “Oasis”

Simply arrive before the timer hits 0 and the door will open. This is at 3 minutes on the in game clock.

The Entrance to “Ruins”

The key to unlock this door is found at the midpoint of the stage “Oasis”

The Entrance to “Quarry”

The key to this door is found in the level “Fields”. Behind the locked door at it’s midpoint.

To unlock this door you will first have to visit…

The laser corridor in “Ruins”

The lasers in the corridor can be shut off by pressing 4 hidden buttons in the immediate area. They are located as follows.

Alternatively, if you’re a g a m e r you can just run through them (with high health of course) or use the Guardians shield ability. Once the lasers are de-activated they will remain as such for subsequent runs.

The key door in “Fields”

The key to this door can be found in the level “Ruins” beyond the laser corridor. Look out for a section of the mini map coloured Orange.

To solve the laser corridor puzzle see the section “The laser corridor in ‘Ruins'”

The combination lock in “Quarry”

The combination can be found beside the door you took to reach “Ruins” at the “Canyons” midpoint.

Just note that this combination is unique to your game, and will be different from that of other players. So using the code from this guide won’t work!

The Exit door in “Haven city”

To open this door you need to defeat four specific large enemies scattered around the map.
These enemies are visible on the mini-map as a large red dot.

The coloured ticket doors in “Haven city”

The Green ticket

The green ticket can be found in “Waste station”. This level can be access by first travelling though “Quarry” until you reach “Aqua station”. Once here you will need to take a very well hidden path just before the mid point.

The Red ticket

This ticket can be found in “The pit”. To access this level go through “Quarry” until you find the key pad door. Behind it lies the entrance but it is very high up. Be sure to bring a movement tool or two to make the jump. I used the mine launcher to climb the wall but it was super jank. (The mine launcher’s explosions give you back your double jump.)

The ticket is found at the end of the stage, the door lock functions the same as the one in “District XIII”.

The Blue ticket

This ticket is behind the code door in “Energy centre”, See “The combination lock in energy centre” for how to find the code.

The exit door in “District XIII”

To open this door you must first clear the two challenge areas. These can be found in the purple sections of the mini-map.

The combination lock in “Energy centre”

The code for this door can be found at the elemental junction later in the stage. Every time you reach this room the element cycles and a different door will be open. Facing this energy pillar is a window through which a part of the code can be seen. Each element corresponds to a different part of the code.

Notice how you can see the code without even having to unlock the door! Speaking of which…

The locked door in “Energy centre” (in the element room)

The key to this door can be found by completing the level “Doom Gardens”. To access this stage you must have first unlocked the door in “Fields”. Behind that locked door is another one that requires 25 power cells to open, leading to “Doom gardens” After completing the stage you will end up in an alternate entrance to “Aqua station”. This one being around the midpoint and containing the key.

The secret door in “Haven city”

This door is located in the orange section of the mini map. It is unlocked by collecting all the power crystals.

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